“Hillary, McCain or Obama will not only legalize up to 30 million illegals, they will support doubling legal immigration to 2.1 million annually. They already voted for it in 2007. That?s like seeing your child with his clothes on fire running out of a burning building, but instead of spraying him with water, the firemen spray gasoline on your child. In this case, Hillary, McCain or Obama pour more ?gasoline? onto the fire by adding millions of immigrants into our country.

What astounds me stems from the fact that most Americans sit on the sidelines watching it happen, but don?t raise their voices in protest!”

News With Views
Frosty Wooldridge
Feb 14, 2008

A friend of mine, George Sura, in Fort Collins, Colorado said, ?Immigration is the most formidable weapon of mass destruction threatening America today. Ironically, invaders have put our country at risk without firing a shot. The White House, the heavies in Congress and the smaller fish in state legislatures do not seem to have the collective intellectual depth or common sense to see what is upon us and how rampant immigration will degrade the lives and opportunities of our progeny. Everyday brings American closer to irreversible chaos.

?Behind this issue are blind forces to reckon with. No politician, political party, corporation, religious fervor, investment, pop morality or individual aspiration should come before country. Ever! The brokers who recklessly advocate or condone pervasive immigration are steersmen with Titanic-like wheelhouse credentials. We need to throw such people out of the wheelhouse to bring this Republic back on a viable course.?

With McCain, Obama or Hillary certain to sit in the White House, you can expect more of the same invasion with even MORE help in the next four years. You can expect an added eight to 10 million more immigrants by 2012 with another two million of their children. You can expect 20 to 30 million illegals to become legal American citizens with FULL voting rights. You can expect our English language to shatter like glass across the pavement and conflict in communities throughout America. You can expect downgrading of our educational standards to fit third world levels. You will see a profound degradation of the American Dream into the American Nightmare.

You will witness a cultural upheaval in America that rocks the foundation of this nation off its moorings.

Today, California sloshes knee deep in its 37.5 million population overload. It grows by 1,650 people daily! (Source: www.capsweb.org) By 2050, if this immigration-driven population phenomenon continues, California explodes to 79.1 million people. Source: ?Projecting the U.S. Population to 2050? by Jack Martin and Stanley Fogel, March 2006.

If you think Los Angeles? smog, traffic, water and power shortages create problems today, hold on to your girdle because you ain?t seen nothing yet!

In Dr. Otis Graham?s ?Unguarded Gates: A History of America?s Immigration Crisis?, he writes, ?Most Western elites continue urging the wealthy West not to stem the migrant tide, but to absorb our global brothers and sisters until their horrid ordeal has been endured and shared by all–ten billion humans packed onto an ecologically devastated planet.?

In literary terms, it?s called ?hubris? or false pride. Many of Shakespeare?s protagonists suffered this self-destructing trait. Today, Obama, Hillary and McCain maximize ?hubris? through their actions……

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  1. HellDogger says:

    The only thing I disagree with here is this premise that all these highly educated politcians are too stupid to konw what they are doing. I don’t believe that. G.W. B. has a masters in business from Yale. Do they not require history at Yale? I’m an ignorant hilllbilly with a 10th grade education and I know what destroyed the Roman empire. GW’s father was a hero in WWII, a war we won, GW was a pilot in the Vietnam war, a war we lost, and this guy is fighting this war like the one we lost. No body, I repeat NO BODY is that F&$#%@&ing stupid. There are diobolical plans going on here. Plan built on greed & the desire for power. And I believe with everything I am worth that it is our duty as the posterity of the founders of this great nation to stop these monsters. Sorry so long winded.

  2. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Hubris yes. and/or maybe Vainglory.
    however bad these things may be
    it is well to examine our own moral condition
    under normal operating conditions, Hubris, Vainglory, and all outgrowths of (the all killing) Pride are quickly slain by the entire population immediately and everywhere.
    Television casts its spell though
    and induces moral paralysis
    as such
    after about 3 solid generations lifelong television inundation
    we have been persuaded that “Pride” is a good thing, and that Arrogance is a desirable quality. How many times have we treated ourselves to panting college grads trying to out-intrigue each other before the throne of Donald Trump?
    How many of us have as the highlight of our week, panting people of all ages and descriptions standing on stage hoping to become the worlds next Britney Spears?
    This list could be expanded almost infinitely.
    Truly, Fame, and ones relation to it* in a very real sense blind people to the raw power grab that lies behind Obomba’s ‘benevolent’ wish for a ’safe and clean environment’. It causes us to suspend doubt about Hillarys “good” and ”Humanitarian” intentions.

    *ones relation to Fame: a healthy revulsion or allergy to Fame and its effects is increasingly necessary to remain firm in ones sanity these days. Panting after people who you dont even know, and wasting brain space collecting minute facts from their typically mundane lives is a complete waste of brainspace.

  3. jo says:

    Hi guys,
    Although I have not been posting to site, I do come and take a look see from time to time.
    Why? Because I wanted to see the progress in people?s thinking .A little while back Melody put out there the thought that this whole political show was just that. Yes, Melody, it is nothing more than a fake event, a bad bad play that could not be made into a money producing project on any other stage than in our media/our heads. Vincent, as usual, you are on target. All our fake pride and posturing is truly the foundation of our downfall. We line up like greedy and /or starving non- discriminating eating machines at an all you can eat buffet, while at the same time referring to ourselves as gourmets. Even some of those on this site seem to believe that if ron paul could only get the nomination things would be different. This is naive thinking. If paul was truly the man that you believe him to be, he would be absolutely incapable of bringing about ? the change? that is needed to save this nation. We refuse to take our eyes off the perceived enemy who is but a pawn in the game that is bringing us to our demise. We are being done in by Americans and in the final days it will be our? fellow? Americans that we will curse with our last breathes.

  4. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Hey Jo!
    Weve missed you around here.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Been a long time since your last post.
    Well, good to know that youre still out there.
    Come around more often please.

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