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“Immigrants do jobs Americans won’t do and don’t want.” President Bush, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy have all said it. But the facts tell a different story.

America’s broken immigration laws are hurting U.S. workers and overburdening our taxpayers.

In 2006, America had 12 million illegal and 26 million legal immigrants. These 38 million immigrants total one-eighth of our population. A third of legal immigrants, and nearly two-thirds of illegal immigrants, haven’t completed high school. Nine percent of American citizens aged 18-64 are without a high school degree.

Common sense, basic economics and the data indicate that admitting large numbers of poorly educated immigrants reduces job prospects and wages for less-educated/skilled Americans. Between 2000 and 2005, jobless Americans without a high school degree increased by 2 million. During the same period, immigrants without high school degrees grew 1.5 million.

The large, disproportionately undereducated influx of immigrant workers has depressed wages for less-skilled/educated Americans. In the last 25 years, hourly wages for high school dropouts decreased 20 percent relative to inflation. For American high school graduates, they decreased 10 percent. African Americans have been particularly hard hit, as Mrs. Clinton recognized in a CNN Democratic debate. Immigration accounted for a third of the jobs lost by African American high school dropouts over the last few decades.

Typically, pro-amnesty voices claim that illegal immigrants are needed because there aren’t enough Americans to fill low-skill jobs. If this were true, then wages and employment rates for less skilled/educated American workers would rise as employers competed to hire them. Yet just the opposite has happened.

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7 Responses to “A Third Of Legal Immigrants, And Nearly Two-Thirds Of Illegal Immigrants, Haven’t Completed High School”
  1. HellDogger says:

    Darkness is the Devils playground, empty hands are his favorite tool. That’s why they want our kids illiterate, disrespectful and strung out on pro-sports & Nintendo. Idle minded dummies either don’t vote or don’t believe in their power to change governemnt.

  2. gatekeeper says:

    Very well written aricle.

  3. melody says:

    I will probably offend some teachers by saying this, but I think the teacher’s unions want these uneducated illegals to stay in the U.S. Why? There are not enough jobs for all the people who got teaching degrees. No GED students, no jobs for some teachers.

    Almost anybody who applies for food stamps is put in how-to-find-a-job activities. One of those activities is get you some job skills. First they want you to get a GED. Nice. GED teacher has a job. Then the trade school or community college teacher gets to keep a job. Also going to school gives unemployed people something to do so they don’t have as much time to think about how they want a job.

    Illegals are the best GED students. Ones that don’t speak any English and never went to school, will need at least 5 years of help. That will help a teacher keep her job for the next 5 years.

    Immigration is big business in the U.S. so many people find a way to make money off other people’s suffering.

  4. jo says:

    obviously many americans that “went thru” the school system can’t even pass the exit exams. many people with college degrees and post graduate degrees can’t pass the simple ass CBEST exam here in ca. our country is in total chaos so i think we need not be pointing fingers at other people. we need to focus on the average american’s obvious inability to THINK. we can’t blame anybody but our own system that has been screwing generations. this is not new. all this conversation about jobs is just a bunch of crap. the jobs have been outsourced and the jobs that can’t be are filled by immigrates. don’t fall for all this bs dialoge. we need to stop allowing them to divert our attention on this stuff. we need to make one issue THE ISSUE. bringing down the whores that claim to represent our best interest.PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Eddie B. says:

    Britian is giving credit for attending McDonalds Burger Management. No joke, and you can bet this will be coming here soon.


  6. melody says:

    Welcome back! I missed you!

  7. Jimmy says:

    Hey, jo. Haven’t seen you in a long time. Yea “our country is in total chaos”.

    I’ll bet if “none of the above” were a candidate this year, he would win.

    Sometimes it gets just too much for me.

    When that happens, I like to play the music I grew up with and love best.

    It seems to alter my mood for the better.

    Here is probably the best song ever made:

    Back when music was good, I was young, and America was America.

    Wish I could go back, sometimes.


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