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Meridian, Idaho — A man is facing felony charges for impersonating a police officer and attempting to pull over a young woman.

His target was Fox 12 This Morning anchor Shayne Wells.

Wells was heading into work around 2 a.m. when she happened to notice that a car she’d passed kept following her too closely.

“That’s when he actually turned off his headlights and suddenly, up in the front of his car, red, white and blue lights started flashing at me,” said Wells.

Her first thought was that she was getting pulled over.

But knew she hadn’t been speeding.

“Something about it just didn’t feel right. I had seen the car when I passed it and it was a dark colored sporty vehicle with tinted windows and that’s not typically what you see with a police car,” said Wells.

So she called 911.

Dispatchers told her there were no officers in unmarked cars in the area making a traffic stop.

“I informed her someone was trying to pull me over. He attempted to pull me over three times, and followed me for about five miles real close,” said Wells.

The operator asked her to stay with the suspect, even if he tried to leave.

Wells did and ended up tailing him up the Eagle exit to a gas station, where Idaho State Police officers closed in.

“She did absolutely everything perfect,” said Lt. Brian Zimmerman, with the Idaho State Police.

Officers say 17-year-old Israel Dominguez showed them a fake Mexican I.D. stating he was 21. He speaks no English and appears to be in the country illegally.

It’s unclear why he would have fake police lights at the time of the arrest. He even left behind the receipt.

“He said it was an accident and didn’t really mean to do what he was doing although he purchased the lights and hard wired them into his vehicle,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman can’t say exactly what Dominguez may have done if he had gotten her to pulled over.

Wells is just glad her mom always taught her to be alert and watch her surroundings.

“Well that’s what I was doing, so her words, they worked,” said Wells.

Dominguez was charged with felony impersonating an officer and not having a valid drivers license.

4 Responses to “Mexican Invader Impersonating Police Officer”
  1. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Mexican Invader Impersonating Police Officer
    Maybe a mannequin impersonating a senator will take out a pen
    and with social engineering impersonating legislation,
    write a “law” that will send this “worker” to a virtual jail.

  2. melody says:

    Ah, now I’m sure this illegal was just reacting to the many stresses of being an invader. Put yourself in his shoes. Somebody was selling fake police lights. Really, this means it was fate.

    How could he stop himself from buying those lights? Think about it: we have a lot of negative influences on TV in the U.S. so many bad examples. The stress of being “in the shadows” and all the bad TV causes illegals to do things they really don’t want to do. I think some amnesty will make this illegal feel better. Let’s write our elected officials and help him out.

  3. Johnny says:


    I agree with you!

    You know they just all come here to work.

    Who knows maybe this illegal was feeling a little lonely and was hoping that he would pull over a young female and “accidently” rape her too.

    Ahhhhhhh we should have more mercy on them!!!!!!!!

  4. jo says:

    “Zimmerman can?t say exactly what Dominguez may have done if he had gotten her to pulled over.”

    hey zimmy,
    i bet if she was your daughter you could figger it out real quick like

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