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House Democrats are crafting scaled-down immigration reform legislation despite the political minefields that surround the issue, with Hispanic Members seeking five-year visas for illegal immigrants who pay fines and pass criminal background checks.

Immigration reform had been left for dead after last year’s Senate train wreck, but pressures for at least stopgap immigration legislation have bubbled up within the Democratic Caucus.

It’s unclear if the behind-the-scenes discussions will actually result in a bill coming to the floor, but Democrats say drafts of legislation already have been written and are being vetted behind the scenes.

“There is the formation of a consensus,” said Rep. Joe Baca (D-Calif.), chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, who said he’s seen a draft bill. “We’re looking at some kind of a compromise. It’s still comprehensive in nature but not to the extent we would like.”

Baca said the prospects for a compromise package were discussed in high-level meetings Wednesday that included Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel (Ill.) and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), who chairs the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security and International Law. Baca said the emerging legislation did not have the broader reforms included in last year’s failed Senate immigration overhaul or in earlier measures backed by Hispanics, such as the DREAM Act.

But Baca said the key piece for Hispanics is a five-year visa for illegal immigrants who can prove they have a job. The visa is well short of past bills that would grant permanent legal status, which critics decried as “amnesty.”

“There is no path towards citizenship,” Baca said. “There are still fines and criminal background checks and you have to pay back taxes. This is what the taxpayers want.”

Baca said Democrats still are trying to work out exactly how the new visas would work or be enforced.

Baca said there also would be an expansion of visas for technical, temporary and agricultural workers - measures strongly backed by businesses and many Republicans.

But whether House leaders will actually put immigration on the floor with such a controversial provision as visas for illegal immigrants in an election year remains an open question.

9 Responses to “Hispanic Congress Members Seeking Five-Year Visas For Invaders”
  1. melody says:

    If the goal of hiring illegals is to save money, will these illegals still have a job after they get legal? I don’t think so. This could be interesting. Let the illegals think they have a chance, but never let them earn enough money to pay their fines. Instead of blaming the politicians for not becoming legal, they can blame the employer who will fire them so they can have a new illegal who expects nothing. Scapegoats are nice to have. Aren’t they?

  2. David from California says:

    “Working Joe Baca” What a piece of TRASH !! LETS light up their phone lines again CALL 1-800-828-0498 OR 1-866-340-9281 TOLL-FREE and let your representives know how you FEEL ABOUT IT….!!!!!!!! TELL THEM TO REJECT ANY ATTEMPT AT AMNESTY….TELL THEM NOW……!!!

  3. K2 says:

    “…Baca said… ?There are still fines and criminal background checks and you have to pay back taxes. This is what the taxpayers want.?- No. It is the Democrats and “Hispanic Congress”, that want the taxes (and votes). The Taxpayers want them out of the country. Permanently.

  4. Roger says:

    The infiltrations by Hispanic policymakers into poliltical arenas in support of illigal immigrations speak loud and clear. The ongoing “in the dead of night” plannings for so called piecemeal amnesty deals, one at a time, show the Reconquista is very much alive and well.

  5. the marlboro man says:

    Hay BACA –Do we get PINK HATS with the GREEn cards???? you sorry bunch of SOBs !!! You just don,t get it do yeah,NO DAM AMNESTY

  6. litew8 says:

    Listen to all of the crap!

    Like I’ve said many times before - the money that illegal aliens are recieving from their illegal employment is OUR (taxpayers) MONEY - being stolen by illegal aliens that have NO RIGHT being in our country!

    That means that any FINES or BACK TAXES paid by the illegal aliens - is really being paid for BY YOU AND ME!


  7. jo says:


    hi girl!

    these clowns are saying 5 yrs., but they will settle for less. compromise LOL.

    remember , these folks only have to “prove” 18 months of employment to be guaranteed eligble for social security, and in as much as they know the system they will also qualify for ssi (welfare for seniors who have very low or no ss dollars), as well as regular ssi. can’t you just hear them with that whine “me can’t no work, me hurt soooooooooo much.” i was on a site ,i believe it was ss or citizenship site and they actually had a bill or something that stated that in as much as the hispanics made less money and had larger families than the general public, there should be some adjustments made. i was on a gov’t site , but can’t remember which one and it was quite a while ago. i am pretty sure i downloaded it somewhere and will try to find it. this is not about jobs, but about monetary entitlements. once they get these things they will happily go back to mexico to “live well” and know that the money will flow forever and then some.
    all over this globe, there are dead people getting these entitlements thanks to direct deposit. this is something that NO ONE is thinking/talking about. while those aholes at ss are giving us american citizens hard times when we go to try and collect our hard earned benefits, this crap is going on.


    as usual, your sight is real clear!

  8. litew8 says:

    Hey Jo, wondering where you’ve been. No offense taken, but I aint no girl! I hear you about the hard time those aholes are giving Americans. They’ve seemed to have it set up so that you’ll eventually go broke if you’re in need of the benefits, but yet - they’re more than willing to give OUR MONEY to people that AREN’T SUPPOSE TO BE HERE!? I take GREAT PRIDE in FAX BLASTING my represenatives every chance I get.

    Not directly related, but close - I remember many years ago I lost my job - I went to the unemployment agency here to file for unemployment benefits. I kid you NOT, the place was PACKED FULL of people YOU KNEW weren’t suppose to be in the country. This was well before the sh!t hit the fan. Anyway, after waiting about 20 minutes or so (which seemed like forever) surrounded by loads of people that could barely speak (or refused to learn) English - I finally made it to the counter. Only to have gotten AN ATTITUDE by the lady behind the counter! For NO REASON - her disposition changed INSTANTLY to hate once she noticed that I was an ligitimate American. I KID YOU NOT! After all that time waiting in line, I noticed that the lady seemed somewhat nice because she was making effort to communicate to the non-English speakers. I thought she’d be releaved to deal with me. Was I WRONG. I will never forget that sudden change of attitude that person had - a state employee! I can only imagine how much of OUR TAXPAYER MONEY has been handed out ILLEGALLY, KNOWINGLY!

  9. jo says:

    GOV’T official sanction of the tranfer of american dollars by any means necessary.

    these legals and illegals are mules like they use to get drugs into the country, only they are being used to take the cash out.

    more money “to be made in “undeveloped countries”. the gov’t and corporations are “investing” OUR money in these countries so that they can enhance their own personal bank accounts. that is it in a nutshell and it is our own folks that are doing us in. it is dumbass americans that i find i have the most confrontations with. they are chosen for jobs, particularly gov’t ones, by where they land on that stupidity chart . the more stupid the better their chances.

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