Sheriff Lee Baca Is Worthless

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Sheriff Baca

The push by two Orange County police agencies to arrange training for some of their officers to help enforce federal immigration laws has opened a rift in Southern California law enforcement circles, with some officials fearing the move will harm crime-fighting efforts.

The Costa Mesa Police Department and Orange County Sheriff’s Department are developing plans for their officers to be trained alongside federal immigration agents so they can understand and help enforce immigration laws.

They are among the first in the nation to seek the training, and their effort has generated both interest from other agencies and protests from immigrants’ rights groups.

‘Dozens of jurisdictions have reached out to us and asked us for copies of this policy,’ said Jon Fleischman, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department. ‘Like with any instrument that provides a resource to find criminals, departments are looking at this to see if this will help fight crime.’

But in Los Angeles, the county’s two top cops — Sheriff Lee Baca and police Chief William J. Bratton — have come out solidly against such steps, saying it would damage hard-earned efforts to build trust in immigrant communities.

They argue that local police are busy enough dealing with crime and that immigration enforcement should be left to the federal government.

‘The Orange County talk is cheap,’ Baca said. ‘I want to see how arresting a young 18-year-old girl trying to get a job goes down when robbery and burglary calls for service aren’t being responded to. The public will say, ‘We’ve had enough of this.’ Let the federal government do its job.’

Baca is a worthless goddamn liar! Costa Mesa will not be doing sweeps and rounding up suspected illegals for deportaiton and he knows it.

I did an interview with Mayor Allan Mansoor recently. In this first video he talks about Costa Mesa becoming the first city in the country to enforce immigration laws with it’s police force.

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Next, Mayor Mansoor talks about the decision to shut down the city’s tax payer funded day labor center.

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  1. Roger Says:

    The LA Sheriff police and LA dept are too busy fighting crime is exactly why the illigal immigrations are out of control the way it is now with 2 millions of illigal immigrants are here in the US. Too busy fighting crime is the reason 1/3 of prison immates are now illigal aliens in California. Too busy fighting crime is the reason the cost of 17 billions on illigal immgrants social services, that otherwise could be used for hiring more police officers ( imagine how many officers with $17 billions could hire) , Too busy fighting crime is the reason is exactly why 18 billions on remittances sent homes to Mexico from the US, annually, Too busy fighting crime is the reason is exact there are 300,000 babies born to undocumented mothers annually at a cost of $5,000 a baby.

    The Costa Mesa program is to check immigration status of gang members suspected of commiting crimes. It doesn t call for immgration sweep. My question would be WHAT”S WRONG WITH THAT?

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