Activists Give Migrants Maps

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Mexico City — Mexico’s human rights agency says it will give out detailed maps of the Arizona desert, including rescue beacons and water stations, to guide migrants safely through the most popular and deadliest corridor into the United States.

The maps were designed by a Tucson-based group, Humane Borders, which plans to hold a joint press conference today with the National Human Rights Commission in Mexico City to announce its strategy.

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  1. contessa Says:

    This is another example of the Mexican government using NGO and charitable organizations as a front and means to encourage illegal immigration and receive more ill-gotten remittances from their underclass abroad. Please send this or fax this to the Department of Homeland Security and the White House. Enough is enough. Our national security is being compromised. Do these idiots at Humane Borders know that any drug smuggler and human smuggler in Mexico is probably laughing at all of us and them for being such naive estupidos? Que les pasa? I am going to print this article and fax it to my local congressman and Senator Arlen Specter. This is a matter of our safety. Anyone who reads this should do the same.

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