CCIR Shouting Match!

The California Coalition for Immigration Reform held a meeting last night in Garden Grove. The guest of honor and main speaker was Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor. My main reason for being there was to listen to Mayor Mansoor speak. He’s really a humble guy and he’s so unlike most politicians that I really look up to him. He didn’t have a speech prepared and he seemed a little uncomfortable speaking in front of a large group of people but he was great. Jim Gilchrist was also there. He talked a little bit about the pending litigation against Laguna Beach regarding the Patriot’s Day parade. A woman who is running for congress against Loretta Sanchez also spoke. She was fantastic, I’ll update this post with more information on her later. Check back.

We also had few unwelcome guests.

We had our dirty looking friend John Earl (aka Skid Mark).

Gil Flores from LULAC was there.

Also in attendence was Naui Huitzilopochtli. Naui likes to be called by his pretend indian name. Naui was annoying people by snapping pictures of them with a disposable camera. Someone didn’t like it so they took his camera away. He chased after them and it turned into a shouting match outside. Here is a little video clip.

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  1. Border Raven Says:

    I don’t understand. On January 12, 2006, twenty Minutemen, SOS, CCIR, etc., attended a town hall, called by the Reconquistas. It was on public property, so we had access. We were recognized, but not, Well I wasn’t harassed. Some were. I felt no fear at any time. I took pictures and recorded audio.

    I guess, since the CCIR meetings are held on private property, there is a difference.

  2. TheWatchdog Says:

    Yeah, it was wrong for them to take his camera. I talked to Naui after the meeting and actually looked around for his camera a little bit but I don’t know what happened to it.

  3. lance sjogren Says:

    Someone said Naui was taking pictures, like it was a serious matter. Another person commented: so what?

    I saw Gil Flores ranting and raving about racism this racism that. The guy seemed kind of off the deep end.

    This guy is some sort of higher up in LULAC? Hard to see how they could try to cultivate an image of being mainstream with people like that representing them.

  4. SOS member Says:

    Naui is such a little racist weenie. I had to restrain myself from body slamming him in Laguna Beach when he got right in my face and got caught in some sort of broken record sequence of, “Coconut….coconut….coconut….coconut….”. He could say nothing else but that. He also has it in for Blacks.

    Seeing videos like this fire me up. Way to go, Frank!

  5. Joaquin Says:

    I kind of felt sorry for him, too. The little guy was screaming like a girl with tears in his eyes. He seemed to be shocked that it was all happening. Did he get his $5.00 back? I’ll give him $5.00 - it was good show.

  6. Hellfire USA Says:

    Don’t feel an ounce of empathy for Naui. Naui is a vehement racist turd. He often gets on the radio at KPFK on Wednesday with the infamous Mexican supremacist and Brown Beret, Augustin Cebeda and the two inarticulate buffons drone on endlessly about their paranoia of the growing anti-illegal alien movement. These guys are utter brown trash who hate Whites and basically anyone who supports stronger borders.

  7. Lardoggie MMP Says:

    That whining little bitch Naui is worried about a cheap camera and $5. I bet he spends more on pot every day….and that thug Gil Flores had to come to his rescue. That whole incident was so pathetic, but they succeeded in drawing the media outside and drew attention away from our peaceful meeting. I actually offered him $5 if he would stop crying and Flores told me to go back to Germany. Last time I saw anything as disgraceful as this was Jesse Diaz Jr. at the scottish rite riot for the Friends of the Border Patrol.

  8. Sweetcakes Says:

    Our watchdog is the best! Great video, as always.

    Frankly, the little guy, Naui, isn’t worth our time. We have much more important issues on our plates right now.

    Speaking of Frank, how passionate is that guy? Ya’ gotta’ love ‘im!!!

    The LULAC guy falls into Naui’s category… it’s interesting to note that he appears to be no more than a peon in the radical extremist ranks.

    Let’s stay focused on shutting down the border(s)and sending the interlopers “home.”

  9. FyReSt0rM Says:

    These two meetings were held under totally different circumstances.

    The meeting held on January 12 was a public meeting, in a public building, with a public representative (a federal and a state legislator, who were both going to be addressing pending federal legislation), in a public forum. Under the Brown Act, they cannot deny entry to anyone who chose to attend, other than when the building is at full capacity.

    The CCIR meeting on the other hand is a private meeting, of a private group, on private property, being privately leased, and being addressed by one municipal employee (the Costa Mesa Mayor) who was not being paid to address the group and was not acting in the course of his duties as mayor at that time. CCIR had every right to say who could attend and who couldn’t, who could take pictures and who couldn’t, who could speak and who couldn’t. It was announced in a newspaper, but it is still a private meeting.

    I could announce in the newspaper that my son is having a birthday this Saturday at 1:00PM, but just because they saw the ad in the paper doesn’t mean that I have to allow them entrance. I would have every right to make sure that anyone who showed up is actually a friend of his, and I can specify who can take pictures and address the group. That is well within my rights because it is a private celebration.

  10. Naui Huitzilopochtli Says:

    Telcruz ,Cuautitlan Jalisco that’s where my parents are from ,google it . You will see that my parents are from a Nahuatl community . We have roots and connections to the land , my ancestors came from the north . Mexicans/Mexicano/Mexica/ we are indigenous here .

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