Mexica Potato-Head

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7 Responses to “Mexica Potato-Head”

  1. Robin Says:

    OH WOW…another yelling head - HIGH GOONAGE style…

  2. Ty Says:

    “This is MY CONTINENT” ONLY potato heads can live in MY CONTINENT.
    Americans get out of potato head lands!”

  3. contessa Says:

    The Goons never argue the issues. Mr. Potato Head, do you support the Mexican Drug tunnels, the incursion by the Mexican military or better yet the 20,000+ of your “hermanos” who are Mexican illegal immigrant gang members? Mr. Potato Head, do you support the illegal immigrants criminals that are housed via taxpayer money in jails all across the United States? Mr. Potato Head do you have an anthropology degree, or a history degree because you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Sounds like you went to school at one of California’s failing public schools filled with illegal immigrants and revisionist textbooks courtesy of the Mexican government. The Aztecs, Mayas were never in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Idaho, New Jersey, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky etc.
    You are an idiot.

  4. Roger Says:

    Ty, the door is wide open south of the border, why dont you pack up for a permanent one way trip there, because that’s where potatoheads like you belong.

  5. chingatumadre Says:

    you’re all just upset because the indigenous people of this one whole single continent, Turtle Island - Itzaxilatlan - amerika, are starting to speak out against western-european enslavement, oppression, (neo)colonialism, murder, rape, theft, biological warfare, and genocide. your pants are all wet from your fear of ’savage’ uprisings from the likes of Hugo and Evo, Zapata, Villa, Tecumseh and Kuauhtemok. you should be; this is first nations land, the land of the earth toned people, the bronze nations, those whom you’ve mislabeled as the red-man, mr. white man. you fear the sowing of the seeds you planted in the past, and the seeds that are sprouting with hope for a better future - a future where first nations people and their descendants enjoy the universal birthright of leading their lives free from euro-centric domination and control. this is our land; we were here first, and your refusal to acknowledge only reaffirms your guilt and self denial. your culture is a shame to humanity, and the caucassian is slowly disappeering from this earth. the only set back is that our people have been infected with your disease, and it will take time to break free from the chains of western degeneration, but time is all we have anyway..ha-ha-ha-ha, pendejos!

  6. makwil Says:

    This is our land! We will never be “illegal” here, and you will never stop us from going back and forth accross your illegally imposed border. You might as well pack your bags and go back to your caves in Europe where you belong you lousy immigrants.

  7. Sandinator Says:

    Boy this guy is living in a fantasy world. He certainly isn’t ashamed of his ignorance, is he?

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