Mexican Consulates Offer FREE Legal Help

SF Gate

Mexican citizens living in Northern California can now get free legal help 24 hours a day through a hot line launched by the Bay Area’s Mexican Consulates.

A collaboration among the consulates in San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento, the round-the-clock advice line is called Jurimex.

“It’s a very important way of extending consular protection to Mexican citizens that goes beyond the limits of our own resources,” said Agustin Pradillo, spokesman for the consulate in San Francisco. “It’s a 911 for Mexicans.”

Callers will speak with a lawyer or paralegal who can handle questions related to immigration, labor law, family law, and civil and criminal matters.

2 Responses to “Mexican Consulates Offer FREE Legal Help”

  1. JIm Says:

    It is so ironical that illigal alliens break US immigration laws and demand the US laws to protect their rights. How about the rights for deportations ?

  2. contessa Says:

    Isn’t it beyond the Mexican Consulates diplomatic scope to be counseling illegal immigrants on further violating U.S. laws?

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