ICE Encourages Small NY Town To Create Day Labor Center

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Brewster New York is roughly 50 miles north of New York City , sort of in the hills. Almost on the Connecticut state line. It is a small village that is overrun with illegal aliens. One was found drunk passed out near the CSS school last fall. That set off a big rucus. Then a couple of weeks ago 8 Guatemalans went onto the athletic fireld, right past no trespassing signs in English and Spanish and started a soccer game while school was in session. A deputy sheriff saw them and arrested them. As it turns out they were illiterate and couldn’t even count numbers let alone read signs in any language. The parents went ballistic. The fathers threatened to start night patrols. The whole place was in an uproar.

Congresswoman Sue Kelly was called in and arraged for ICE to come up and talk. The Village Mayor, the Town Supervisor, the County sheriff, two of Sue Kellys representstives and four officers from NYC ICE and a village trustee all met. ICE told them they were concentrating on terrorists and criminals, were overworked underfunded, had no beds and this wasn’t a priority. Seven of the Guatemalans will go before the judge and the 8th was taken to Pennsylvania probably because of an outstanding warrant.

ICE gave the Mayor a booklet on how to set up day laborers sites ! Yes, that’s right encouraged it. The booklet was actually printed out in California by the County of Los Angeles 6 months before 9/11. The hiring of illegal aliens is a major crime. The new Sensenbrenner HR4437 increases penalties for hiring illegals significantly. The intention of the bill is to dry up hirings, eliminate the magnet, and discourage employers from hiring illegal aliens.

Here is the booklet.

Here is a realated news story.

The Journal News

BREWSTER, NY - As the daughter of immigrant parents, Janette Lambert tries to preserve her Hispanic culture by speaking Spanish to her two young children and cooking ethnic foods.

But, at the same time, Lambert, whose mother is from Puerto Rico and father from Ecuador, laments that illegal Hispanic immigrants are overwhelming the village.

Because of her Hispanic heritage, Lambert said, she can voice such a concern without being condemned as a racist. Some of her neighbors, however, have not escaped that inflammatory charge.

‘I feel Brewster is being portrayed as a racist community,’ said Lambert, 37, a stay-at-home mom. ‘I don’t feel any racism at all from anyone here.’

The charge that some Brewster residents are intolerant of Hispanics surfaced as residents pressured public officials to address issues involving the village’s population of illegal immigrants. Concerns included school safety, public drunkenness, overcrowded rental apartments and off-the-books employment.

At a series of packed public meetings, officials promised vigilance. That promise was put to the test this month when eight men, all illegal immigrants from Guatemala, were charged with trespass after playing soccer at Garden Street Elementary School.

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  1. contessa Says:

    ICE encouraging Brewster to harbor/hire/aid/abet/induce illegal immigrants to secure illegal employment? This is OUTRAGEOUS! That’s the last thing Brewster needs to do, spend public funds to encourage more illegal immigrants to come and look for day labor jobs. I spoke with a Brewster resident and parent from the school mentioned in this article, apparently the local police have been made aware that there are illegal immigrant “squatters” living in the woods not too far from the school in make-shift camps. This is a matter of public safety.

    Someone send the Mayor and town council, and council’s attorney a copy of the Federal Law which would prohibit anyone from opening a “day labor” center that aids illegal immigrants in finding employment. Get George Taplin from Herndon on the phone with the officials in Brewster!
    Brewster should look at the problems that the illegal Day Labor centers have brought to towns like Herndon, Virginia, Costa Mesa, CA, Glendale, CA and many, many others. No person, no business, no church, no government agency is above the law.

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