Mario Alexander Paramo


Prince William police arrested 28-year-old Nicaraguan native, Mario Alexander Paramo after he inappropriately touched and then assaulted a Woodbridge woman he met at a park.

The assault occurred around four in the morning on March 1st near Putnam Circle. After Paramo assaulted the victim, he drove her to an unknown location and left. The victim was able to call police after the attack. During the investigation, police received information that Paramo could attempt to flee the country. Paramo was located at Dulles Airport, attempting to purchase a plane ticket. He was taken into custody and was charged with Rape and Abduction With Intent to Defile.

Paramo has been held without bond and has been scheduled to appear in court on April 6.

Paramo overstayed his visa and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement has been notified.

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  1. steaknife says:

    Another day, another illegal alien rape case. How commonplace this has become. We need to take these bastards,cut off their genitals & hang them on a flagpole underneath the mexican or whatever turd world flag they hail from. The dirty rat bastards!

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