Seduced by Drug Money

Seventy-five percent of all narcotics consumed in the United States cross over the southwest border. That creates a huge economic incentive that lends itself to corruption”

At least three drug graft cases have been recorded in southeast Texas this year. In one last month, a senior Border Patrol agent from Laredo admitted taking $1.5 million from the cartels to wave pot shipments through highway checkpoints.

16 U.S. soldiers and law enforcement officers pleaded guilty in May to taking more than $220,000 in bribes to smuggle more than half a ton of cocaine from Mexico to cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas.

On June 7, prosecutors in San Diego, California, indicted the former head of an anti-corruption unit at the San Ysidro border crossing, accusing her of taking money from an inspector who was himself on the take from Mexican smugglers. The indictment alleges that Daphiney Cagnap received presents including a “deluxe above-ground spa” valued at $10,000, repairs to her Mercedes-Benz car and cash payments ranging from $20,000 to $30,000.

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