Minutemen In Chains

Members of the Minutemen are several hours into their “24 Hour Extreme Sacrifice.” They’re chained together in front of Congressman David Dreier office in Glendora California. No sleep, No food, No guest workers!

    They beat this gong at the top of each hour.

They will be there until 9am tomorrow morning. Stop by and visit with them.

David Dreier’s Office
2220 East Route 66
Suite 225
Glendora, CA 91740
Office (626) 852-2626
Toll Free (866) 373-6321

Early morning update from Robin:

“We made it through the night. In chains. I slept upright in a chair, chain around the neck! We were all bundled up to the max. Ray is in some type of a snow suit that makes him look like an astronaut. We are in gloves, masks, hoods. It got cold!

We had cars driving by all night - we flew flags, had FIRE DREIER and NO GUEST WORKER PLAN signs and we are STILL out there at 6am

People stopped by all night - Dee, Scott, Heather, Kender, Laurie, Lupe, Rhue, Don and his son, and many others stayed until very late. A young service man stopped by who saw us on the news. Others pulled over to the curb and spoke to us from their vehicles. Majority favorable passersby. We did get a few heads out the window vulgarities - but that was the exception.

Luca Zanna and Ray Herrera are still on complete fast! They made through the night and are now on hour 21 - no food, no water, no sleep EXTREME SACRIFICE”

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  1. Anti illigal immigrations Says:

    I would like to express my deep appreciation for the men and women the Minutemen who protested in front of David Dreier’s Office.

    Guest worker program would be the same as amnesty. It ’s impossible to reenforce. If 12 millions illigal alliens could not be deported, then the Guest Worker Program will fail miserably.

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