The San Diego Minutemen held a protest outside the Mexican Consulate in downtown San Diego. They were met by aggresive cursing Mexican Consulate insurgents claiming that the US territory was stolen from them.

Here’s a report from Jeff Schwilk of SDMM

As SDMM began our peaceful protest on the public sidewalk in front of the San Diego Mexican Consulate, their official spokesman, Alberto Lozano, came out of the building, walked up to a group of American men and women and said “assholes” to them. He then told the Americans they will take this land back for Mexico. We are reviewing our video right now, but we think we got it all on tape! About five of us heard it very clearly.

The new Consul General, Maria Arnau and her deputy then came out of the Consulate and scoffed at the Americans holding flags and signs. Lozano came out several more times and threatened our ralliers by getting right in their faces with more swearing and insults and putting his camera in their faces. If there was any doubt the Mexican Government wants our country for their citizens, their official spokesman in San Diego confirmed it today.

?Wherever there is a Mexican, that is Mexico.?

You may remember in September, the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon said the Mexican government would continue to ?energetically protest unilateral actions? of the U.S. Congress on the immigration front that he said ?exacerbate the persecution of undocumented Mexicans in the U.S.? He boasted that Mexican consulates in the United States have been fortified to protect the rights of millions of Mexicans living there illegally. ?Wherever there is a Mexican,? he said, ?that is Mexico.? Click here to watch the video.

58% of Mexicans Believe The Southwest United States Belongs To them.

A June 6th, 2002 Zogby poll, found that 58 percent of Mexicans agree with the statement, “the territory of the United States’ Southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico.” Only 28 percent disagree, and 14 percent are unsure.

A similar majority, 57 percent, agree with the statement, “Mexicans should have the right to enter the U.S. without U.S. permission,” while 35 percent disagree. Seven percent are unsure.

18 Responses to “Mexican Consulate Claims United States Will Be Mexico”
  1. Faye says:

    Well, that’s about as blatant as they can get.

  2. midwest minuteman says:

    When are the American people going to WAKE UP???!!!

  3. HellDogger says:

    Message to Snior Shithead: Not only do you have to go through me, I’ve got something else you’ve got to go through.

  4. SkyPainter says:

    What else does the American people want in order to wake up???

    I mean, this is like serving the truth in a silver platter. Never mind all the
    other OBVIOUS transgressions made by the Mexican government and their citizens.

    This moron needs to go back to his home country. Gag me with a taco!

  5. stoney says:

    USA citizens are going to have to quit talking and start busting heads instead of listening to this BS.
    At least in a pasture you can watch your step and not get any on you when they are in your face you have the right to claim you were provoked.

  6. The Watchdog says:

    You folks have to be careful what you say.

    I edited one post and deleted another. Randy from Save Our State is still being held in jail for saying something similar on the SOS forum. He’s been held now for about 4 months for a stupid comment he made on the Internet.

  7. The Watchdog says:

    Stoney, these insurgents have “diplomatic immunity.” They’ve slapped and pushed American citizens trying to provoke them into fighting back. They know we would end up in jail facing serious trumped up charges if we defended ourselves.

  8. Johnny says:


    trust me I know!

    I am sure you’ve questioned some of my posts before.
    There were so many times where I had to refrain from saying what I really wanted to say.

    At work I have to conduct business in an unbiased way. I spend the whole day holding back emotions that would make most people snap. At least on here I can vent a little of my frustrations out. It really is a blessing because it helps me deal with the stresses of my job.

    But yea, people be very careful with what you say the thought police are on the prawl

  9. Johnny says:

    The enemy is operating on U.S. soil and something must be done to combat this issue!

  10. Matthew says:

    Isn’t this a declaration of invasion and take over by a foreign government to the fullest extent? And our leadership is worried about iran, north korea and russia? mexico is our biggest threat of all time. they have already crippled local and state economies and have killed countless Americans citizens to no evail and with no end in sight of it ever stopping. That cockroach mexican official is simply a commander in the mexican invasion and the mere fact that they use what credentials they can to supply their troops (marticular cards) is proof that mexico is combative and are resistors and accomplice of American sovernty.

    Blast your representatives with this video post and send it to local government too.

  11. jo says:

    Thanks DOG,

    we do have to be careful, however we need to keep speaking the truth about “our” government. we can state what needs to be done as our “foundling fathers” instructed us to do. although the constitution has been hi-jacked, most americans don’t seem to realize it. we can pretend to be just as dumbass and continue to “honor” our foundling fathers’s legacy. we need to lay off some of the ruff, ruff about the mexicans, because a) we often sound like we hate all of them, when in fact we are really or should be focusing on the invaders from all over. b) it gets us nowhere , c) it could be easily construded as “racist”, d) it further incites fury making one enraged and being enraged is counter productive. outrage at the root cause is healtier and might bring about insightful moments of productive reasoning leading to clearer paths to finding the answers to turn things around.

    we still can speak freely about the mexican government as they are inflaming and encouraging the disrespect that is being demonstrated by some of their people. the mexican government is blatantly declaring war on us, the american citizens ,and declaring their right to overthrow the united states of america. their own words states precisely that. as screwed up as things are, people need to take note, that the consulates are indeed on mexican territory, even though they are on what we believe to be our soil. the NAU/WTO (one or the other) states so loud and clear. whether we chose to accept that or not, those treaties are currently in effect. we need to be smarter.

    i am glad that you stated what you did, because i was thinking the same thing and was gonna state same. people will listen to it coming from you better and you do indeed have not only the right, but the responsibility because it will be your ass in the slammer and no amount of “dog,you the man”, i’m proud of ya dog” is going to make your”vacation” ok.

    maybe going forward we need to use qualifers, “like according to the constitution” / “according to the bill of rights”, or / “in my opinion” etc.

    lets can the talk about violence and what one will do.etc. if you do and you will keep it to yourselves. if you believe that all who post here are like minded, you just might be wrong, and they just might be leading you to a place you really don’t wanna go. i have my opinions about that.

    when you lived though certain things your shit detector is on high. so just be careful and try and think twice before you post comments on this iste or any other. now all i need to do , is follow my own advice. LOL!

  12. jo says:


    i would like to suggest that you repost your warning on the dog house if you have not do so already

  13. Eddie B. says:

    Thanks Dog for watching our backs!

  14. DfD says:

    Don’t do anything stupid. This guy is bating people into acting foolishly. He was even laughing while saying that.

  15. HellDogger says:

    Per request of the WatchDog, I’d like to amend my post here & appologize to this “diplomat”. And as a token of my sincerety, I’d like invite this “gentleman” to one of my family bar-b-ques out in the back yard. I’m sorry, we’ll only be having brisquet & pork ribs, I don’t think I’ll be able to catch the dog. But that’s O.K., cause after we eat then we’ll pitch horse shoes.
    How’s that for nice?

  16. Rim says:

    I understand that Mexican Consulates are on so called Mexican territory BUT what about those that are setting up on school property and even in stores? Can some one tell me how/why that can be tolerated. I would like to see these places made targets.

  17. Sandman says:

    Don’t worry Watchdogs, these infiltraters are on borrowed time. When the economy folds over, millions of angry Americans will begin to look for the cause of their misery and these “Consulates” will be high on everyones $hitlist. It will get very interesting, I am sure.

  18. HellDogger says:

    That’s right Sandman and this guy needs all the free ad time we can give him. I’m sending this vid to all the sheeple I know. Maybe one or two of them will awaken from their blissful slumber.

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