I know this website is called “Immigration Watchdog” but sometimes we step back from stories about drunk driving illegal aliens to look at the bigger picture. Even though Ron Paul wasn’t as strong on immigration issues as Tom Tancredo, I have always supported Ron Paul for President (even though I knew he didn’t have a chance) because he was the only candidate talking about abolishing the Federal Reserve. We cannot allow private bankers to control our economy, our government, and our lives. The immigration problem is just a symptom of globalization. Globalist elites control regional markets and they want to control the world. They don’t want borders and sovereign nation states. What is driving massive immigration and illegal immigration into this country is the push to form a North American Union similar to the European Union with a new currency.

6 Responses to “Don Harrold On Bear Stearns, JP Morgan, and The Federal Reserve”
  1. Eddie B. says:

    You can bet that Spitzer was taken out by the Wall Street Banksters. This wasn’t about Spitzer having a call girl problem, this was about exposing the banking cartels for the sub-prime mortgage scams they were running while the CEOs were getting paid huge bonus checks for scamming lower income Blacks, Hispanics AND Whites.

    The Banksters were equal opportunity scammers and everybody was fair game. They don’t care about you or me one single bit. Period.

    And thank God the Federal Rserve was there to help J.P. Morgan save the bank…. Yeah right. With 55,000 puts placed a week in advance these mobsters were making money coming and going.

    How much money do these criminals need? Well, it appears that their glasses will never be full. And they want us to pour for them.

    Spitzer pissed off the wrong people and we are too busy watching the news about O-Blah-Blah’s preacher to see the banks carrying off the biggest heist of the century. And of course that wasn’t planned. Accidents in politics happen everyday.


  2. jo says:

    been saying same thing all along from the very beginning. people continue to refuse to acknowledge what is in right in their face. we are all going down because of this. i see how those who are partially awake waste their energies on nonsense that doesn’t stand up to the light. if we will not focus on just one thing as a solid block, then we can not hope to save anything, including ourselves.

  3. Angel says:

    Thanks Eddie for the info. I knew there was something up about Spitzer but I didn’t know what. He was doing them favors earlier in the year by trying to give illegals driver’s licenses, but I knew something went wry since then.

  4. The Watchdog says:

    It’s complicated subject matter Jo. I know we spend more time on the symptoms of the problem than the cause, but people can easily wrap their mind and emotions around a story about a drunk driving illegal that kills a family. Understanding the Federal Reserve and exactly who control it is complicated. All this banking and North American Union stuff happens behind closed doors. These bastards are sneaky.

  5. Sandman says:

    I agree ‘Dog, If we are going to solve a problem we have to attack the root cause and not the symptoms. If we focus on only the obvious social and cultural poisons that come from our southern border, all we will end up doing is agreeing that the invasion sucks and nothing can be done. The Money Masters will force us into two options: slavery or revolution…Our best chance is the second choice.

  6. BEADALONG says:

    Yup indeedy, this is the crux of the matter. Thanks for this video Watchdog.

    And I voted for Ron Paul even though I knew he wasn’t going to win.

    Some people will say I “threw my vote away”, but…with all the Super Delegates that can change their minds and one of them counts for 1,000s of us and the Electoral College—that doesn’t sound “Democratic” to me and I believe with voting for CFR/elite stooges, those votes were “thrown away” as well.

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