Illegal Clown Houses In The ‘Burbs

USA Today

The Long Island community where rancor spilled into the streets last summer is just one of several places where anger over immigration is playing out through the issue of overcrowded housing.

Police crackdowns and ordinances limiting the number of unrelated people or extended family members living in a home also have cropped up in the suburbs of Atlanta, Boston and Washington, D.C.

The actions often are prompted by complaints from neighbors that their property values are being jeopardized by multiple cars parked in front of houses, trash, unsanitary conditions and fire hazards. Some public officials and policy analysts say crowded housing poses safety hazards and squeezes schools and other services.

Tensions between newcomers and some of their neighbors is a byproduct of a the nation’s porous federal immigration policy, says Steven Camarota, research director for the Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank that favors tighter border controls.

“People who are concerned about this are not necessarily motivated by racial or ethnic animus but a sense the place is going downhill,” Camarota says. “When you get a big concentration of folks, you not only get a lot of traffic on streets, you might also see a real strain on social services.”

Civil liberties groups say overcrowding measures are increasingly being used by communities to keep out Latino immigrants, many of them day laborers.

“These are places with growing Latino populations,” says Kent Willis, executive director of the Virginia ACLU. “They are people who in many instances speak a different language, whose shade of coloring may be different from people who have lived there for many years. It’s xenophobic and discriminatory.”

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  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I am sending out a request to all of you who visit this sight: Please [right click, COPY- right click,PASTE] LINK LINK LINK this websight in other blogs. I have only recently stumbled upon it but I think that, esp with the video feature, this is among the best of PRO AMERICA news services which allow you to excercize your GOD GIVEN RIGHT to speak freely on whatever is on your mind. …While that right exists…its already eroded you know? anyway, link this page in your postings elsewhere. and send it to your entire email list [please?] its pathetic to see so many articles with NO COMMENT. What do you mean no comment? Start speaking American!!!

  2. contessa Says:

    I suggest we all take photos of all the blighted, overcrowded, filthy houses in question that are de facto “boarding houses for illegal immigrants” and start sending the photo collections to the appropriate municipal authorities along with a list of the addresses. Don’t be silent. Take back our communities and neighborhoods. Make our elected officials enforce the laws for the safety, health and benefit of all their constituent citizens and LEGAL residents!

  3. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I second that motion Contessa! Is anyone around here interested on taking on the Catholic Church? I am thinking about starting a blogosite for people who are disgusted with the Church and her sacramentalizing of immigr-anarchy. I am Catholic myself and can hardly take another bad news release about them. Arent they affraid of alienating US? Where are they going to get all of the funds that they redistribute then? Havent we always done above and beyond any and all other nations when it comes to charity? Especially with mexico? [btw, how much charity has mexico ever done?] n etc. To relate this to your above post I have long had a vision in my head of attaining a plenary hearing with the entire raft of American Bishops for a simple, equal footing exchange from us, the aggrieved, to them, the offendors. Behind us, I would like to have a moving slide show of just such pictures as you are discribing so that when they breathily say that we are enriched by these people, we can reinforce our “diverse perspective” ! Sound good? stay tunned!

  4. contessa Says:

    I think that a list of all vicitims of violent crimes committed by illegal aliens would be an even more dramatic presentation. There’s a website called immigrations human cost that lists this information. The 911 Families for a Secure America are currently compiling a list to send a letter to Congress. They are looking for victims, families, friends of victims of crimes (NOT economic crimes) committed by illegal aliens. They are going to send a letter to Congress signed by all of the direct victims or their families and friends.

    BTW perhaps a letter to Catholic Charities and The Conference of Bishops signed by Catholic victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens would be in order. I wonder what response that would get? I’m Catholic too and just believe that they are very wrong on this issue of illegal immigration.

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