As you know, the Fed was founded to farm the farmers and steal the assets. First it expands; then it contracts. And when it contracts, it holds you upside down by the ankles until all the cash in your pockets falls out. That is what it is doing now. Notice that it rescued Bear Stearns which was ?too big to fail.?

As I write, Lehman Brothers looks as shaky as a hooker in church. Because Lehman is an Insider company, the so-called Plunge Protection Team will save it as well, if necessary. It will do nothing to save Mr. and Mrs. Adjustable Rate Mortgage when their monthly payment explodes, because the ARMS are small enough to fail.

Banking is one of the few businesses in which crime is rewarded; and the bigger the crime, the greater the reward. The perpetrators take down millions in bonuses and do not go to prison. Ayn Rand disciple Alan Greenspan, former top Fed swindler, more than any other man got us into this mess; now he is telling clients in the Middle East to dump the ?dollar? and go to the Euro.

But there is more to the matter than simple criminality. Remember that Boosh and the other conspirators are trying to merge the United States, Mexico and Canada on the way to world government. As I write, dozens of unelected, joint committees are forging the connections. Recently, an unpublicized agreement advanced the merger of the Canadian and U.S. military.

When the merger campaign started, the United States was way up here. Most of the rest of the world was way down there. How could you merge a country so far above the others? Obviously, you can?t. And you can?t bring those other countries up here. Only they can do that; only those other countries can raise themselves. The only way you could do it is to reduce the United States, bring it to its knees. You could merge this country with the others only if you lower it to their level.

When the nation is at par, you can merge it. Indeed, in classic Hegelian dialectical fashion, you can present the merger as the solution, as the way to end the panic.

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  1. jo says:

    those of us who know the deal, already know all of this. those that don’t “know” about this are too busy discussing “more important” stuff, britney spears, their own liberalism “will they vote for a woman or a black person”?, the lastest gossip about same, etc.. singing to the choir is somehow not all that fulfilling.

  2. Eddie B. says:

    This is the game. This is definitely going down in front of our eyes right according to the Illuminato plan.

    We are in historic times and Jo is right. America had better wake up and start paying attention or else the children and their children’s children will be slaves and drugged out robots.

    Everybody in America needs to read “Brave New World” by Huxley and “1984″ by Orwell. Minimum. This will be America.

  3. the marlboro man says:

    The middle east is trying to figure a way to dump the dollar without pissing GWB off ,to start with ?How the hell did WE THE PEOPLE just buy a bank,B/S and give it to JP MORGAN ???Because thats what they did in the dark of night ,this is crazy !!! I live off VA. DIS . in 2000 I wasn,t doing to bad ,but each year I,VE seen my check each year going down the drain ,now I worry about just getting thur a mo. with out any of GWB s bumps ,ITS that dam brick wall that scars the shit out of me/and it s on the way!!!!

  4. BEADALONG says:

    Yup, it seems we’re definitely going down the drain.

    I think this is a great story that explains what’s going on very well. I look for stories like this all the time to send to the people I know (hoping it will get their heads out of the sand).

    He also states that for this to work, we have to go down to “lower us to their level” and once the “Amero is introduced” to replace our currency, our sovereignity is done and over with as this will be the common currency of the former 3 nations of Canada, the US and Mexico….AND our constitution will be null and void (probably) AND the deal is done.

  5. BEADALONG says:

    I’ve mentioned the CFR, NAU and the Amero to KGO a couple of times and I’ve never gotten a response from them. I will also listen to Taliafaro late at night on KGO and lately, it seems all he talks about is Obama and it seems, very little of anything else.

  6. jo says:

    what has not been said and very few people are aware, but most the countries on this planet made a fortune off the whole “subprime mortgage” scheme. they got in and got out before the sh*t hit the fan. guess they were just lucky ….NOT!!!……

  7. BEADALONG says:

    Most countries Jo? I didn’t know that.

  8. K2 says:

    The Constitution will be noid and void. It will have to be. A new “constitution” is already in progress, if it hasn’t been completed yet. It will have to be modelled on the UN/EU system, and will be outright Communitarian, Law or blended with Napoleonic style Law, as in Mexico. The US govt has already committed to a UN protocol against the 2nd Amendment. Other replacements are in the wings. In fact Mexico is, apparently, gearing up for the change to get the jump on America, which continues, oblivious to communitarian Law. Their Law graduates and Bureaucrats are in prime position to completely dominate the NAU, when introduced, thereby ensuring the top positions throughout the entire system. The same strategy was employed in the EU, by the nations that were already based, or pre-emptively introduced, UN/Communitarian Law. The nations that remained on their old sytem upon introduction to the EU, were left out of the Bureaucratic power clique.

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