Thanks to Mayor Tony “the toilet brush” Villar and his sanctuary policies, this young man is dead. As far as Tony’s “Million Trees” initiative, I heard only 400 trees were actually planted. Photo ops are what Tony Villar does best.

LOS ANGELES Immigration officials say the suspected Los Angeles street gang member charged in the shooting death of a high school football star may have been in the country illegally.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Virginia Kice said Saturday her agency has filed an immigration hold against 19-year-old Pedro Espinoza.

The hold means Espinoza will be transferred into her agency’s custody for possible deportation when he leaves local custody.

Espinoza was released from jail in an assault case the day before the March 2 killing of 17-year-old Jamiel Shaw Junior.

Kice did not know if there was a hold on him during his previous sentence, but said inmates on hold are generally released directly into her agency’s custody.

Shaw was shot to death in the 2100 block of Fifth Avenue. A car had pulled up and Espinoza, a member of the 18th Street Gang, allegedly got out and asked “Where you from” — meaning what gang — and opened fire.

Shaw’s father ran outside and found his son dying next to a tree that the two had planted with the mayor almost three years ago as part of the city’s Million Trees Initiative.

“Yes, it just so happened we were standing close by, so he helped the mayor plant the tree,” Shaw’s father said. “And it was special because, you know, we took pictures with the mayor. Look at this spot (now) and it’s like man, this is just so sad. It’s like, wow. This is so devastating.”

A “tree of life” plaque was unveiled by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Saturday to honor Jamiel.

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10 Responses to “Latino Gangmember That Shot Black High School Football Star Was Illegal”
  1. Andre B. says:

    When criminals leave their country to enter ours, they bring their criminal ideologies with them. Criminal conduct is less effective in a bad, crime, drug ridden country. Therefore, they must relocate to increase their productivity. Good, hard working U.S. Citizens pay the price for illegal immigration. Opponents of U.S. Immigration Laws emphasize that our country is a melting pot of many nations, and illegal immigration should be encouraged. This is incorrect. The components to a melting pot are composed of good elements, and good people. When bad elements are introduced into this pot, the pot is wasted. I love America. However, the Immigration Laws need to be redefined and more effective. Eventually, when more bad people enter a good country, it is equalized. The country the criminals departed is not the same as the country they are residing in. This cannot happen to America.

  2. jo says:

    i am so freaking tired of tony v. appearing and looking soooo sad at these events when he is responsible big time for all these invader criminals continuous occupation of this country. his “answer” to these bastards’ criminal behavior is that they need good paying jobs and then they wouldn’t be doing these things. this child’s parents have been conned into believing that to speak up about the real deal would make them responsible for a “race war” that might ensue. tony v. would have been more honest if he instead placed a rope with a noose on a branch of that tree, renamed the tree ( the tree of truth).
    that child is just as dead as if he had been lynched from said tree.

    that hypocrate, tony v., made a plea for the people to write their representatives so that the mother can be assigned close to l.a., so she could protect her other son. those parents need to write and demand answers from their representatives as to why They allow/allowed criminals into this country to murder their son and all the others who died and will continue to die because they (the representatives), continue to refuse to do their jobs.

    these parents should sue EVERYONE, starting with, tony.v ,chief bratton, all their reps, all the immigration agencies etc. for every goddam penny they can get. if that piece of shit who killed him gets/got hurt/killed ,him/his people would be sueing for millions and would definitely get paid. how many people will be dead at the end of this summer? more cops are NOT the answer! enforce the laws and we won’t have a “need” for more cops. enforce the law and we wouldn’t have to crowd children in over crowded classrooms, enforce the law and we wouldn’t have to close the hospitals and clinics , enforce the law and we wouldn’t have to keep building prisons.enforce the laws and stop the growing number of homeless citizens, enforce the law and curb unemployment of the citizens, enforce the laws you greedy bastards, you have ripped off the people enough, enforce the laws , you have stolen enough money, you greedy bastards!

  3. DfD says:

    Still witholding the thought this was an innocent bystander being killed by an Illegal Alien. If he was innocent, just one (1) of 13 Americans KILLED and seperated from their families that day……FOREVER!!!!

  4. psj says:

    I concur, Jo.

    These illegals are being media portrayed as the cast of a Latino “Grapes of Wrath” movie. The reality is far, far different.

    I wish they would show pictures of these tired-poor-huddled massing bangers sometime - that would give a more accurate portrayal. Shaved heads, wall:wall tattoos, feral eyes, guns stuffed down their shorts. I see them up close in the Gateway.

    Good paying jobs? WTF? Their jobs are BEING CRIMINALS, they don’t want to work. That’s their culture, that’s their heritage. They’re just continuing the family business.

    I’m so sick of ‘culture’ being stuffed down my throat. ‘Culture’ doesn’t excuse criminal behavior.

  5. jo says:


    If he was innocent

    sounds like YOU are questioning HIS innocence/victimization. i would just love to here your explaination for that “thought”.

  6. jo says:


  7. psj says:


    I’ve read forums where bangers say in the other recent shooting where the 6 year old boy was shot, that the father was a Crip, flashing gang signs. Others that say he was in the hood to buy dope. Right.

    Rationalizing attempted/murder. Hmm.

    “He was black and he looked at me crosseyed, he was driving a red car…”

  8. Educated American says:

    It’s the invasion and ethnic cleansing of Americans. What a horrible tragedy for that black kid and his family. And his mother was serving in Iraq at the time . . .

    Just today, I noticed the FIRST EVER graffitti showing up in the neighborhood I’ve lived in for the past 11 years.

    I also learned on Friday that at one of the schools I sub at a lot some of the “problem” kids come from GENERATIONAL GANG FAMILIES. I’m sure you can guess the ethnic/cultural background of most of these “problem” students. In fact, I had two straight days of first-hand evidence before my eyes. It’s a anti-intellectual culture of empty macho posturing and death. Teaching these people’s 15-year-old brats is such a pain in the ass. They try to subvert you and disrupt the class at every turn.

  9. jo says:


    Teaching these people?s 15-year-old brats is such a pain in the ass. They try to subvert you and disrupt the class at every turn.

    these animals are not brats, they are well molded criminals, trained form infancy. notice the little ones in the stores, looking around to see if anyone is watching them steal and break stuff, and i mean real little ones. i catch them all the time with my eyes and they try to act like they weren’t doing anything, but keep looking to see if i’m looking and i am. sometime if i have time i will follow them and that makes them crazy. sometime their crazyass mothers put them in the shopping carts with toys and lets the little animals tear them apart, knowing full well they are not going to buy them.

    yeah their classroom behavior sucks and i am sure you have thought about one of them crazy asses bringing in guns. they respect nothing and no one.

  10. jo says:


    yeah, they are just fronting like they are defending the “honor” of their gang. they need to put their punk asses in the general population in the prison system ,because within the system they have real special treatment for those who harm children. would cost us less money in the long run too.

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