This report comes from Jeff Schwilk of the San Diego Minutemen. He says he has a reliable source but you know April Fools is just around the corner. Maybe someone is pulling his leg.

Vile brown supremacist, Enrique Morones

Click here for a YouTube playlist of Enriques most vile moments.

Jeff Schwilk says:

Got a reliable, unconfirmed report Saturday that Enrique Morones has just been FIRED by the Mexican Government due to the constant controversy he has been involved in the last few months. Apparently his recent activities have made him radioactive to the media and the public which he was hired to persuade to support amnesty / legalization for over 10 million illegal mexican citizens living in the U.S. Morones is a San Diego native who obtained Mexican (dual) citizenship in 1998.

Enrique has been a member of the mexican government’s Migration Committee for several years now. He even admitted to it on a Lou Dobbs interview in 2005. We have long known it goes much deeper than a political appointment. Enrique is one of the top agents and operatives, if not the top agent, for the mexican president in the U.S. He has had personal meetings with Presidents Fox and now Calderon in Mexico City at least once per year to discuss ways to push the amnesty and open borders agenda on the U.S. Government and the people. He assured President Fox in a private meeting in the Spring of 2006 that he would get him his amnesty by the end of that year. Of course that didn’t happen thanks to the uprising of Patriots.

It appears his latest debacle terrorizing Caltrans with despicable claims and lies to take away SDMM’s adopted freeway may have been the last straw for Mexico City. His careless, baseless attacks on law-abiding Americans has created a huge backlash nationwide against him, his movement, and his buddies in the Latino Caucus in CA. The likely outcome of our pending lawsuit is that we will get our freeway back, expose their terrorist tactics, and be awarded monetary damages which will make us far more powerful in our fight against the reconquistas in CA. It will be a landmark case for the rights of Patriots everywhere and a severe blow to the Mexican activists!

2 Responses to “Enrique Morones Has Been Fired By The Mexican Government?”
  1. American_pride says:

    “Got a reliable, unconfirmed report Saturday that Enrique Morones has just been FIRED by the Mexican Government”

    If this is true, then GOOD! HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. seven_staarten says:

    greedy putrid toad. i have known so many people like him. that sickening air of superiority, and, without fail, a bulging gut.

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