PORT CHESTER - A Texas man was arraigned today after police said he transported illegal immigrants from Texas, held five of them in a Port Chester apartment and threatened to cut off their fingers with pruning shears if they didn’t ante up more money.

John Ernest Guerrero Jr., 22, of Pearland, a 6-foot 3, 350-pound man, was arrested by seven officers after the captives escaped an attic apartment in which they were being held without food, police said. Police are seeking a second and possibly a third captor.

Two men from Brazil were found on Poningo Street Saturday afternoon, allegedly after escaping from the apartment in 123 Haseco Ave., a triplex Victorian-style building. They alleged they had been held there four or five days after being transported there by two men in a white Chevrolet after they crossed the Mexican border into Texas.

Police said the men -ages 30 and 50 - were uninjured despite not having eaten and having been involved in a fight with their captors that resulted in their escape. The struggle came, police said, after one captor held a small wire cutter to the pinky of one man Saturday and demanded $2,000 more than the $10,000 they had each paid to get into the United States.

Guerrero was charged this morning with first-degree attempted robbery, a felony, police said. He was being held on $100,000 bail and is due back in Port Chester village court Thursday. He had no prior rap sheet, police said. He had absolutely no identification on him, but claims to be a U.S. citizen, they said.

While a total of five men reportedly escaped the apartment; only two have come forward, police said.

“Given our population, it is likely this (imprisoning illegals) happens on occasion, but we don’t hear about it,” Detective Lt. Royal Monroe said.

“If someone is the victim of a crime, we don’t contact anyone (in immigration enforcement). We don’t want anyone to hesitate reporting a crime,” Chief John Krzeminsky said.

Police did call in federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigators but said it was only to help find the suspects, not to pursue the victims, who have been placed with family elsewhere in the United States.

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4 Responses to “Smuggler Threatens To Cut Off Migrant Fingers With Pruning Shears”
  1. newyorker says:

    This is a big story in New York. Port Chester is not far from where I work and
    is home to some 10,000 illegal hispanics. Port Chester is also a sanctuary city
    so this story is no surprise. What’s worse is the building that this animal lived
    in was owned by the X Port Chester Superintendant of schools. Most people are pissed about the situation and now this guy is helping illegals go to school on
    tax payers dollars. This is almost a good thing because the more this happens
    the more people will get pissed and demand a change. It’s to bad our next president will be an amnesty loving ASS HOLE!!!!

  2. steaknife says:

    What a pig faced,ugly, mother f###er. This type of animal is becoming more common here then we think. This piece of shit should be terminated so he cannot further destroy society.

  3. psj says:


    Perhaps he can get a role in Men in Black III, as Mikey resurrected.

  4. illinoisgringo says:

    The more and more I look at these people, the more I see the orcs from Lord of the Rings.

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