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29 Responses to “The Dog House - April”
  1. psj says:

    Shout out to Eddie B.
    Caught the show - salient points made. Great tunes! :-)

  2. Eddie B. says:

    Thanks psj!

  3. BEADALONG says:

    Oh no, I forgot and missed your show. Eddie B. How did it turn out?

  4. BEADALONG says:

    Well, On Channel7news tonight, San francisco mayor, Newsom declared Frisco a Sanctuary City again and said that illegals have nothing to fear and that there will info sent out to the illegals for services.

  5. Angel says:



  6. pec104 says:

    And I thought the U.K had the stupidest government in the World. It looks like your immigration problem is far worse, God help us all.

    We just had it proved to us how fundamentally corrupt our own government is on immigration when a very major cross-party report prepared over a six month period proved that immigration over the past ten years has been of no benefit whatsoever but has brought countless completely avoidable social and infrastructure headaches.

    After a brief nod in the media on Monday the whole story was gone by Tuesday. Brushed well under the carpet by the BBC and the liberal/left-wing press with the Government defiantly stating that it will continue as usual. Those of us with any sense know that the core motivation of these arseholes is to gerrymander the national vote so that we become a perpetual one-party socialist state since none of these gatecrashing carpetbaggers are ever likely to be Conservatives.

    The funny thing is over 80% of the British population are against any further immigration.

  7. BEADALONG says:

    You got that right, Pec104 with the immigration problem.

    We’ve been banging our heads against the wall with this situation too. More people have woken up over here, but not enough yet. Probably because they rely too much on Mainstream/Lamestream Media, so when we try to warn other people about this, some of us get accused of being “Conspiracy Theorists” or “Tin Foil Hatters”.

    And I can’t think of anything stupider than the California Governor recently crowing about a “Fiscal Emergency” and then not doing a damn thing to stop all benefits to illegal aliens.

    The San Fransisco Mayor was also complaining about lack of money BUT….he will spend $83,000 to give out information to illegal aliens on where to get services, etc.

  8. BEADALONG says:

    #5. Oh sh.t, you sure were right about getting the blood boiling Angel.

    I can’t believe the completely dumb 100% Unpatriotic ROTC guy turned the flag incident over to the police and that this actually came down to a trial.

    AND THEN, the jury charged him guilty! What’s wrong with these unpatriotic morons? Would they like us turned into Mexico now? These people don’t deserve the constitution. They deserve to be (New ONE World Order microchipped slaves)!

    And to call this racist when the ones who put up the Mexican flag in the 1st place have the name of {EL CENTRO DE LA RAZA}?

  9. BEADALONG says:

    I also couldn’t believe the gall of MAYOR NEWSOM of San Francisco arrogantly declaring that Frisco has monetary troubles, but then turns around and says he’s going to spend $83,000 on providing information to illegal aliens for services. {OUR TAX MONEY} for people who DON’T BELONG HERE.

    He and the rest of the Out-of-touch cockroaches need to remember that while it’s {Other peoples’ money}, it is their responsibility to allogate that hard-earned tax money wisely and in OUR INTEREST! Otherwise, I hate to say this, but does the arrogant government remember the French Revolution? They’re behaving just like that worthless trash monarchy in France.

  10. says:

    Here’s the OUTRAGE of the DAY.

  11. Jimmy says:

    Very nice.

    I love this country and it’s people.

  12. AmericanWorker says:

    Eddie your doing a fine job helping on the site!

  13. says:

    Yeah Eddie!! Thank you!! Anyone who takes out time from their day to help their country is a true patriot.



    On this thread there is a response from Absolut vodka about their heinous ad.

    Please respond on this thread with your opinion. I say a boycott is in order, for they tried to justify instead of apologize.


    On this thread there is a response from Absolut vodka about their heinous ad.

    Please respond on this thread with your opinion. I say a boycott is in order, for they tried to justify instead of apologize.


    On this thread there is a response from Absolut vodka about their heinous ad.

    Please respond on this thread with your opinion. I say a boycott is in order, for they tried to justify instead of apologize.

  14. Eddie B. says:

    Thanks Doggers! And thanks Dog for the trust.

  15. BEADALONG says:

    Yes, thanks Eddie B.

    #10. Yea, your’re right about that one Angel. That was a doozy!

  16. says:

    I think that this is very true in some portions of the South.

  17. says:

    I agree Beadalong.
    I bet the open borders crowd resent the controversy. They probably don’t like the spotlight on what they are actually doing.

    One of my favorite mixed drinks is Vodka, Midori, and orange juice.
    But, I have no problem switching to another Vodka brand.

    The Miller beer switch a couple years back just about killed me. I grew up on those ponies.

    I only have one or two beers or drinks a week, but I cherish whatever it is I’m drinking. That’s pretty much what the old me did, too.
    Some things don’t change from a switch over.

  18. says:


    It’s not very often that I recommend buying something, but this item is a MUST.


    Buy the orgone pyramid on this link (or make one comparable). On youtube there are several videos telling you how to make one. When you get it, place it in a central location in your home. If you are a perceptive one, you’ll feel the energy change instantly. It has about a 1 mile radius, so you can secretly help your neighbors, plants, animals, etc.

    Some people tout it as “God’s energy.” I don’t know about that, but I can tell you that it is a must have item.

    You can use it as a decorative piece. It really looks nice on a mantel or bookshelf or on something else.

    When you have friends and family over, the energy will draw them to it. Just watch how they’ll ask you about it (or where you got it from).

  19. says:


  20. The Watchdog says:

    I’m sure some of you noticed how slow the website was today. I’ve really had it with my web host. I’ll have the site moved to a new server and web host in a few days. IX web hosting sucks.

  21. BEADALONG says:

    Hi Angel, Thanks very much for the links, I’ll check them out.

    Good, I’m absolutely delighted that the open-border cockroaches don’t like the light shown on them.

    Hmm, I have to be pretty careful with alcohol or go with none at all. It doesn’t agree at all with my frequent migraines, psoriasis or MCS.

  22. BEADALONG says:

    Yup Watchdog, I sure did. That’s why I didn’t blog earlier today. I hope you have better luck with the new server/web host.

  23. Rob Chapman says:

    White girl was beaten and attacked in school by “Latinos” over class project here:;nav=1TjD

  24. Jimmy says:


    “I didn’t know any of these people,” she said. One young, she claimed, jumped on her back and he put her in a choke hold. “We have brick walls in the middle school and he slammed my face on the bricks.”

    Melanie said a group of boys also threatened to rape and kill her.

    Isn’t “diversity” grand?

    Odds are the “school” will side with the “latinos” and make trouble for the white

    The NWO must be enforced, you know.

    Locusts that devour everything and give back nothing of value.
    But smashing a face into a brick wall, hey thats just what they do.

    Sick of it………

  25. MiroD says:

    Lowes has an official policy that all the products in their store must have English and Spanish labeling. The official policy is at:

    If a vendor doesn’t comply they are fined or their product is taken off the shelf. Such a policy puts vendors between a rock and a hard place since Lowes is such a major retailer.

  26. The Watchdog says:

    The McCain Girls!

    The Obama girl has some competition.

  27. sunnyskies says:

    Heard of the Absolut ad and the girl that was threatened because of her project. Ridiculous, don’t know where to start. I don’t drink Absolut anyway. Yuck.
    How long will this stuff continue to go on before anything happens? I live in CA where I see the effects of illegals who have no desire to assimilate, destroy and vandalize, and act like uncivilized animals very often. The schools are crowded, everything is vandalized, crime everywhere. Very young girls pregnant. Many are not interested in education. This is not PC but it is generally true. It really gets my blood boiling, especially when I think of all the money (us taxpayers!) that’s spent on everything (healthcare, food stamps, education, etc) the ID theft it’s caused many Americans, driving down wages, and the human lives that have been lost to illegals.
    This is madness. Illegals give immigrants a bad name. Handworking assimilating immigrants who are proud and don’t scream RACIST or wave the Mexican flag.

  28. Eddie B. says:

    Global Banks Embrace Islam

    The Bible warns that ?? the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil? (1 Ti. 6:10) So, just when you think you have just about seen it all, something even more shocking turns up. Like this?

    Either global bankers are seducing Islamic dictators, or vice versa. Even if they are seducing each other at the same time, the result will be the same: Islamic/Shari?a banking is coming to the United States and other western nations, thanks to global banks such as Citigroup, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

    With Great Britain now pledging to become the Islamic banking center of the world, the stampede by all global banks to enter the world of Islamic banking is well underway.

    Western banking met Islam many decades ago, but only began to sleep with her a few years ago. Since then, it is has become a wanton and open affair.


  29. says:

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