Day Laborers Harass Women


A group of St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic School parents filed into County Legislator John Ciotti’s office recently, tired of the catcalls, insults and the aura of insecurity they face daily as they make their way through pockets of day laborers to drop off or pick up their children at the Franklin Square school.

There have also been reports of workers defecating on private property and urinating in the street outside OTB on Hempstead Turnpike in Elmont.

Instances such as these are on the rise, while the quality of life in these areas is suffering, residents and local officials say. On Jan. 26 at the Elmont Public Library, civic leaders, school superintendents and members of the Elmont Fire Department met with Councilman Ed Ambrosino and Ciotti to discuss concerns facing residents and avenues to pursue to curtail a growing problem.

The safety issue is twofold. Women and girls have said they feel intimidated walking through groups of men, and the men themselves usually get picked up to do landscaping and construction jobs without health insurance, Cushing said. Ciotti said recently that a day laborer pruning a tree fell 30 feet and broke his back. The employers are the ones that should be targeted, he said.

“If we put two IRS agents on the corner for one week, taking down license plates, that would be much more effective,” Ciotti said. “Put the taxing authority out there, let it be known they’re watching them. It would cut [the activity] in half immediately.”

Outside St. Catherine’s the morning after the meeting, parents said they welcome the involvement of federal agencies. One mother said that on the walk to school with her daughter one day last month, the hissing and gesturing by a group of laborers was so fierce that her third grader burst into tears once they passed the crowd. A father said he has been going to work later in the morning so his wife doesn’t have to take their two children. “I’m glad to see there’s talk of taking action,” he said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “Now let’s see if it’s carried out.”

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  1. Naui Huitzilopochtli Says:

    I’m tired of hearing all these lies and sterotypes .If you want to live in a all white community then RACISTS GO BACK TO EUROPE !

  2. contessa Says:

    Naui (fake Indian name): Tu eres el racista. Obviamente no tienes ningun tipo de educacion porque nunca se te oye discutiendo los temas en serio. Se nota que tu solos sabes gritar, y hablar de racismo. La cuestion aqui es unicamente del respeto a la ley. Toda persona, toda empresa, entidad, iglesia, organisacion tiene que respetar a la ley, no importa de que tribu viene la gente. Todos somos iguales y todos los que quieren vivir o inmigrar a los EU tienen que cumplir con los requisitos de la ley. Los Mexicanos, Indigenos, etc. no tienen ningun derecho exclusivo de inmigrar ilegalmente aqui. Mis padres vinieron hace 40 anos LEGALMENTE, y se hicieron ciudadanos casi inmediatamente. Ellos cumplieron con todos los requisitos de la ley y quieren mucho a este pais. Para ellos y para mi, tu y todos los inmigrantes ilegales que chillan para obtener beneficios sin merecerlos son unos ingratos y sin verguenzas. No hay ningun honor en eso. No hay ningun honor en que los inmigrantes ilegales no solo no respectan las leyes, pero no respetan los modales, las normas o costumbres de esta sociedad civilisada y desarollada. Por favor, comenta sobre la ley de inmigracion. Basta de tu canto tan cansado de “racismo” porque para muchos de los Latinos que tenemos conocimiento de este tema estamos completamente opuestos a cualquier plan de Amnistia or de trabajadores “temporales”. Los que vinieron aqui ilegalmente no se les debe ningun beneficio/privilegio de ciudadania. Basta YA!

  3. Don Silva Says:

    Naui !!! Wow, making a cameo with the watchdog, eh ? How much to I have to pay you to start posting on the SaveOurState discussion board ?

    Hey, he has shed his slave name…give him some pops ! lol.

  4. The Watchdog Says:

    Yeah, normally I don’t allow race-baiting comments on my site but I let this one slide for Naui since he’s my homie!

    He’s made a few other posts. Here’s one.

  5. Jim Says:

    Naui is a moron /racist who has been living in vacuum for so long with his ignorance. He should pack up and become an illigal allien south of the border. That way he could get a taste of the type of racial treatments he would receive there, only if he could survive the civil right violations first.

  6. Martin Says:

    lol Naui. Become a comedian. You’re better at that then your idiotic political statements.

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