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Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies arrested an illegal immigrant after he was suspected of firing an AK-47 while roaming the streets of East Mesa, officials said.

Abraham Duarte, 20, was first seen in an unincorporated area east of Apache Trail and Ellsworth Road, said Deputy Doug Matteson, a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Officers believe the man fired the gun near residential structures, though his shots were thought to be random, Matteson said.

SWAT team members emptied two-thirds of an apartment complex just south of 95th Street and Apache Trail in search of the suspect.

Officers found Duarte in the building and took him into custody, officials said.

He was arrested three times in 2007 in Maricopa County.

Officials found information at the scene of arrest that led them to an apartment complex near Guadalupe and Ellsworth roads. They found an AK-47 on the roof of that apartment.

“He will be screened for his immigration status and he is facing multiple felony charges,” Matteson said.

2 Responses to “Invader Roams The Streets Of Mesa AZ Firing Random Shots With AK-47”
  1. Matthew says:

    They will probably let him go again. The first release from jail lead up to the second and third crime in 2007! These F%@KERS need to be sought out and banished from our society immediately, every last one of them! The liberal approach and treating them like human beings isn’t working.

  2. stoney says:

    This could well be terrorism. Shooting at random is usually meant to instill fear that next they may be shooting at you.
    Any shoots fired at random will kill just as well as aimed shoots.

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