Lou Dobbs - John Culberson: Criminals Are Laughing at Us

4 Responses to “US Attorneys Won’t Prosecute Drug Traffickers With Less Than 1/4 Ton Of Dope”
  1. BEADALONG says:

    Isn’t this insane? Do these jackass spineless worms in our government think other nations and drug runners aren’t paying attention to this???

    Between wide-open borders, this and Absolut Vodka, the entire world must be laughing at us!

    What war on Terror/Drugs? ?? ??????!

    What about those poor border guards in jail for doing their jobs? What does this do to Border Patrol morale?

    Also what worries me is that while we’re chasing our soldiers are chasing their tails in those 2 endless Iraq-Afghanistan wars, we’re left as vulnerable sitting ducks right here!

  2. BEADALONG says:

    And where is that jackass, chertoff anyway? There’s no justification for him being there if he won’t enforce anything! Talking about jobs Americans won’t do! Between him and Prez Bush, they’re classic examples of jobs Americans won’t do.

  3. Eddie B. says:

    And what happens if your kids get caught with an ounce? Beyond belief.

    We ought to bag up 500 pounds of yard clippings and dump it on the White House and Department of Home Land Security door steps so they can get a better appreciation of just how large 500 pounds of anything looks like.

    Maybe they would smoke it…. They must be smoking something.


  4. DfD says:

    Where is ol’ Juan “Z-Visa” McCain on this Tuscon Sector??? Mums the word???

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