Filthy, Racist Gringos

Pittsburgh Live

Rob Allyn, the public relations expert hired by the Republic of Mexico to improve its image in the states, believes that American animosity toward immigrants is rooted partly in racism.

“You can smell it. It’s like bad art. You know it when you see it,” Mr. Allyn told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

One mission is to “correct some of the myths and misperceptions that are out there.” Allyn should start by correcting his misperception about supposedly racist Americans. Apparently his $72,000 fee (in published reports) does not buy much public relations acumen these days.

Allyn’s office said he was traveling when I called on Friday. I was referred to Jennifer Ring, senior vice president at Allyn & Company Inc.

Are racist Americans part of the problem?

“It would be very easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the negative, but it’s our task to let people know all the positive things and facts about Mexico,” said Ms. Ring.

But what about Allyn’s superhuman sense of smell and virtually X-ray vision that enables him to see racism in American the way a critic of Jackson Pollock would view his art?

“He is standing by that statement,” Ring said. “Rob Allyn summed it up perfectly when he said that.”

Um, could labeling Americans as racist impact Mexico’s public relations campaign?

“I do not think it will have any effect in the campaign,” she said. “What will, is telling people the facts about the nation of Mexico.”

This is in response to the editorial piece by Dimitri Vassilaros regarding Rob Allyn and his firm, Allyn and Company to put a positive “spin” on Mexico to the American “racists” who want to have a sensible, workable and enforceable immigration policy to combat and stem the massive influx of Mexico’s uneducated, unskilled, and increasingly criminal underclass.

Mr. Allyn would not know what to make of me, or hundreds of others like me who belong to the Latin Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR). We are U.S. citizens and/or legal residents who immigrated or whose families immigrated here from many parts of South America, Cuba, Mexico, etc. We are law-abiding, U.S. citizens and LEGAL immigrants who are opposed to the government sponsored (Mexican government published and distributes comic-book style guides to crossing the border illegally, published 70,000 maps of frequently used safe routes to cross the desert in the U.S., the over 50 Mexican Consulates in the U.S. assist and aid illegal immigrants) illegal immigration by over 6 million Mexicans. We oppose any benefits/privileges/rewards (driver’s licenses, mortgages, in-state tuition at public colleges/universities, free health care to name a few) to illegal immigrants. My parents immigrated here legally over 45 years ago from Ecuador. My parents became proud, law-abiding naturalized citizens. They respect the laws, norms, rules and customs of this great, civilized society. Me and my family expect everyone else to do the same, no matter where they are from. As a child of parents who immigrated here legally and fully complied with all the requirements of the law to become permanent residents and naturalized citizens, I am astounded at the shamelessness of the now very vocal illegal immigrants and their advocates in demanding that which they did not earn.

No Mr. Allyn, the law is the law. You can’t spin that. It applies to everyone and it should be enforced. That is not racist, no matter how you spin it.

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