Jobs That American’s Can’t Do

WSJ - The Newspaper For Traitors

Apparently stung by criticism of his budget policies, President Bush pushed back against opponents like Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, who termed the president’s plan ‘immoral’ for reining in Medicaid and other social-services programs.

A Push for Education: Chief executives of several Business Roundtable companies, in Washington Wednesday, lauded President Bush’s focus on increased funding for physical science research, on encouraging immigration of math and science whizzes from abroad and — especially — on improving K-12 math and science education. The executives warned, though, that the U.S. shouldn’t count on continuing to rely on immigrant scientists to compensate for what they see as shortcomings of American school systems. U.S.-trained Chinese and Indian scientists increasingly have promising opportunities in their home countries.

‘It’s not a problem for our businesses. It’s our job not to let it be a problem’ by hiring overseas when talent is in short supply in the U.S., said William D. Green, chief executive of Accenture, a consulting company. Pfizer CEO Hank McKinnell added, at a small press briefing: ‘We want to make sure our kids and grandkids — and yours — have jobs.’

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