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Listen to Exhibit A — Download HB2747committeehearing.wmv — and the time of question and answer between State Rep. Luis Arroyo, House Executive Committee Chairman Daniel Burke and concerned citizens Rosanna Pulido (right) and Rick Jones, volunteer representative of the Chicago Minutemen Project.

Rep. Arroyo accuses the Minutemen of “stopping illegal people at the border and shoot[ing] them” then and goes on to demean Ms. Pulido, insinuating she is a traitor to her Mexican heritage for questioning HB 2747. In its original language, HB 2747 would have expanded the amount of time illegal detainees would have with spiritual counsel (pastors and/or lay people) from two hours a month to an unlimited number of visits.

Ms. Pulido and Mr. Jones expressed the unfairness of such provisions for illegal aliens who had committed a felony and were awaiting deportation. Their concerns are valid, so much so that adjustments have been made to the bill since this hearing. HB 2747 passed committee that day with an 8 to 3 vote. Those opposing the bill in committee were Rep. Bob Biggins, Rep. Dan Brady and Rep. Jim Meyers, all Republicans.

Luis Arroyo
Luis Arroyo

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5 Responses to “Illinois State Rep. Luis Arroyo Says Minutemen Shoot People At The Border”
  1. Mayday says:

    This is one of the first things Arroyo says: What is the Minutemen do? I can’t believe this guy is a State Rep. How did he even make it through high school?

  2. The Watchdog says:

    Yeah, I was surprised to see how young he is. He sounded like a senile old man trying to put his thoughts together.

  3. American_pride says:

    “Rep. Arroyo accuses the Minutemen of ?stopping illegal people at the border and shoot[ing] them.”

    Where is the proof, Aroyo? Witnesses? Video footage? Nothing? There is NO proof because you made it up to attack the Minutemen. What an idiot!

  4. Angel says:

    This went around about 2 years ago, and THEN the president called them vigilantes. I wonder who and what they will be called after this prepping.

  5. Faye says:

    The words are INSULTING and RIDICULOUS! Use them every chance you get.

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