Chicago, April 28, 2008.- “I want to be a normal boy, but I can’t said Saull, son of the undocumented Mexican Elvira Arellano, who now has been added to the fight to fight for the migrant Mexicans in the United States.

The boy of nine years of age arrived on Saturday to Chicago to participate in the events organized by the movement for immigrants, including the massive march on May 1st.

Saúl came in representation of his mother, who hid last year in a church to elude an order of deportation, until she was placed under arrest last August and deported to Tijuana.

This Monday, the child participated in a press conference with other children that integrate a campaign against the separation of families by deportations, in which he barely gave some words.

A day before been present in a religious service carried out in the Adalberto Methodist church, where he found refuge with his mother.

Saúl was quiet and evasive, and under the insistence of some in the mass media he expressed: “I want to be a normal boy, but I can’t”.

The small one, who was born and went to to the third grade in the United States, has already changed from English to Spanish as his main tongue.

That is why he resorted to Ema Lozano, his godmother and leader of the Central group Without Borders, so she can translate his words and respond to a question that a reporter in English gave him.

“He said that he should be a free boy, and not a boy that has to fight continuously to defend his mother,” stated Lozano.

Saúl recognized that it causes him to be a little nervous to participate in a massive protest as the one that is prepared for Thursday May 1 in this city.

In the scarce statements that he did, he affirmed that he felt happy to live in Mexico in complete liberty and next to his mother, as it has been for more than eight months.

6 Responses to “Elvira Continues To Abuse Her Son”
  1. Rob Chapman says:

    ?I want to be a normal boy, but I can?t?.

    This is child abuse. This Mexican woman is abusing her child. She should shut her trap, get a job and raise this young man in a proper environment instead of USING him for her petty political ideals.

    How much damage is this young boy suffering at the hands of his cruel mother?

    Shame on you, Elvira!

  2. Eddie B. says:


  3. Jimmy says:

    If this woman was “American” and the tables were turned, I can imagine
    what saintly mexico would do.

    I think: Jail? Robbery? Rape? Death?

    ALL Posible if some American woman was stupid enough to try this sort
    of thing in the great country of the raza…….


    Mexicans are Hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. David from California says:

    I say do what’s “FAIR”… “STRIP” little Saulito of his U.S. / anchor baby citizenship status so he can be with his worn out HAG mother in “PEACE”!
    IN MEXICO!!!

  5. Faye says:

    Bbbbblllaaddggggp ug! Eddie B., I really didn’t wanna click on that title. And then the picture did it. Would you please clean up your bucket fast. We’re going to need it with him in town.

    However…. tomorrow…. TOMORROW…. tomorrow, they’re gonna MARCH again. What’s that saying, if you keep on doing the same ole thing over and over and expecting something different…


  6. BEADALONG says:

    Man, that FUGLY keeps coming back!

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