U.S. Gives Mexico Millions For Security

The Washington Times

The U.S. government has sent more than $376 million to Mexico in the past decade for that country’s military and police to help stop alien and drug smugglers, guard against terrorists and protect America’s southern border, including $50 million due this year.

The money, quietly authorized through State and Defense department programs, has been used to train and equip the Mexican military and police, drawing disagreement on whether those institutions are part of the solution for U.S. border security, or are part of the problem.

T.J. Bonner, a veteran U.S. Border Patrol agent who heads the 10,000-member National Border Patrol Council, described the program as “appalling,” saying it amounted to the U.S. government funding attacks on U.S. law-enforcement personnel along the border by rogue Mexican military troops.

“This funding program should cease immediately, and the Mexican government needs to be placed on notice that any further incursions by its military or police will not be tolerated,” he said, referring to recent incidents on the border in which men in Mexican military uniforms confronted U.S. law-enforcement officers in this country.

“If they have this kind of money to give away, there are better ways to spend it,” Mr. Bonner said. “Mexico cannot control its own military, and it makes no sense to give them better weapons and equipment they can use to attack and threaten our own law-enforcement officers,” he said.

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  1. Border Raven Says:

    We need to complete the work of Operation Gatekeeper, put technology in place, add the triple-fence, militarize our borders, empower a separate state police force in each state to perform internal immigration duties, hire more border patrol agents to increase and maintain their forces.

    I would anticipate, returning military from overseas deployments, will in time rotate out, before their 30th birthday, and apply for Border Patrol jobs, but this will depend on Congressional support of the BP. Failing Congressional support of BP, the former military members will opt for Postal jobs.

    We had better start seeing more employers prosecuted for hiring illegals, and a steady flow of illegals being deported, or else we will see a remarkable rotation in elected officials, from government jobs, to sweeping the parking lots of the local McDonald’s.


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