CASA De Maryland

Dozens of local immigrant rights and social justice organizations are have joined the call for a major immigrant rights mobilization for May1, 2008. We have agreed on five demands:

Immigration Reform with Justice and Dignity for All
Stop the Raids, Deportations, and Use of No-Match Letters
Rescind the Anti-Immigrant Resolution in Prince William County
Declare the District of Columbia a Sanctuary City for Immigrants
Establish Workers Centers in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia
To call attention to these demands, our coalition will be organizing a series of events on May 1st. We will picket the national offices of the Republican and Democratic National Committees, calling on members of both parties to recognize the basic human rights of all immigrants to this country.

We will also be holding a rally and march starting in Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park.

12:30pm - Meet at Capitol South Metro Station, from there march to the RNC at 310 1st St SE, followed by the DNC at 430 S. Capitol St SE
4pm - Rally at Malcolm X Park, 16th & Euclid St NW
6pm - March starting from Malcolm X Park

Participating Organizations include All Souls Church Social Justice Ministries, Barrios Unidos, CASA of Maryland, CISPES, the CPUSA, the D.C. Alliance for Immigrant Justice, D.C. Jobs with Justice, DC Students for a Democratic Society, the Fellowship of Reconciliation- D.C., the FMLN-DC, Free the Cuban Five Committee- D.C., the Gray Panthers, the Hip Hop Caucus, the International Socialist Organization, the Latin American Youth Center, the Latino Media Collective, the Metro D.C. Interfaith Sanctuary Network, Mexicanos Sin Fronteras, the Richmond Defenders of Justice and Peace, the Socialist Workers Party, the 31-45 Mt. Pleasant St. Tenants Association, the Union de Trabajadores de D.C., the Virginia Immigrant People’s Coalition, the Virginia Justice Center/Immigrant Advocacy Program, the Virginia People United, the Washington Peace Center, and the Woodbridge Workers Committee.

3 Responses to “May Day 2008: CASA’s Day of Action for Immigrant Rights”
  1. Eddie B.No Gravatar says:

    Pants fit better after reading this. Bucket is full though.


  2. gatekeeper says:

    I am THRILLED to report that we had a pitiful show in DALLAS, TX. There are two TV stations in the city. The march was occur 4p-8p. The report at 6p by one station was that there were only about 75 people (two years ago there were thousands) and many of them were reporters. The other station didn’t even mention the march. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…. I love it!!!!! I hope they were all too afraid!

  3. psj says:


    Same drop in #’s here in L.A., GK.

    Of the 20,000 people expected, a crowd of about 8,500 immigrant workers and their supporters march on City Hall, calling for an end to blanket work-site immigration raids.

    In numbers that were notably light, immigrant workers and their supporters gathered in downtown Los Angeles this afternoon for a May Day march to demand legislative reforms and an end to blanket raids on work sites.

    Two years ago, the May Day march drew more than 500,000 supporters registering their protest of recently scuttled plans to make being an illegal immigrant a felony. Last year, the crowd was estimated at 35,000 and today police estimated about 8,500 protesters from two main marches converged on City Hall in the late afternoon.
    (Sorry, don’t mean to post links & articles inappropriately.)

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