Patriot vs. Cholas

Please go to this link to view all the photos taken at San Diego’s May Day rallies.

(3rd gallery down)

The pics don’t have the captions yet and they are not in order.

There were 2 rallies in San Diego. The first was at the Mexican Consulate office. This was the office where a month ago a Mexican official came out to the street and declared California as Mexico. It was caught on YouTube video. The rally was peaceful. LOTS of law enforcement, but most left once they saw the Mexican government was going to behave themselves.

The second was at San Diego Community College. We arrived to find that we were all alone with the illegal aliens and their supporters. We walked right into the front of their stage and were quickly pointed out. There were many comments and harassment, but not bad. We then found some other patriots and joined them. That was when things turned nasty.

My daughter is Latina. She has had a hard time in life because she is Hispanic, but does not speak Spanish. She is also a single mother who is struggling with no help from our government (and she doesn’t want it’s help. She is too proud). She is 4′11”, but a fireball! As soon as the illegal supporters saw that she was Latina and standing with us, they attacked her. You can see from the pics all of the Hispanic girls that are harassing her. I stood by her and wanted to protect her, but found that she handled herself bravely. She grabbed a sign and stood on a bench and gave it right back to them. I am extremely proud of her. She is a good Patriotic American.

I have 3 more film cameras full of pics. I will post them as soon as they are developed. Check back often.

THANK YOU TO THE SDMM for welcoming us so warmly today. It was wonderful to meet everyone and to see some old friends.

Eileen Garcia

2 Responses to “Betsy Ross Patriots Report On San Diego May Day Protests”
  1. BEADALONGNo Gravatar says:

    Well geez, notice the MEDIA WHORE, (Juliet Vara) just mentioned the word “IMMIGRANT” repeatedly. Gee, notice the word ‘Raza’ again?

    Reform? We need our laws enforced! I don’t want a repeat of 1986 Shamnesty Amesty. Shame on her for thinking we’re all so stupid we don’t notice this.

    Now, thanks partially to people like her who supports the Corporate world, she purposely evades & abdicates any responsibility she has to the legal citizens of this nation as our Watchdogs by informing us of what is truly going on! Curse her evil soul!

  2. FayeNo Gravatar says:

    Ah, yes. But aren’t those a couple of nice presents we got (top 2 pics)? So flattering, so ladylike, so humble, so deserving of respect and acquiesence to her every demand…

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