Here’s a little brat from an Oakland “immigrant rights” rally. I don’t know who in the hell has been teaching this kid so much crap but she’s full of it. She’s even making a call for violence!

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  1. Cribster says:

    Not laughing here either pokito reconquista.

    One thing is funny. The accusers of hate are actually the puveyors of hate. They’re too brainwashed to even notice.

  2. Eddie B.No Gravatar says:
  3. MatthewNo Gravatar says:

    She referred to them as “immigrants” and not illegal aliens or the thieves and liars they are. They come here actually to be exploited and brought into slavery unlike the black slaves of long ago, so where is the connection between the thief mexican invaders and black slaves from over two hundred years ago? Illegal aliens actually pay thousands of dollars to break into our Country and the black slaves were forced here against their will. Not only do these thief illegals get to sponge off of social programs and steal entitlements, but they also get to become victims of certain civil rights violations meant for black minority, then they end up getting paid. Very very lucrative.

    Being a victim of the USA and rule and law has become very popular yet they still come in great mass to only be so mistreated. Go figure. Sounds like bullshit to me!


  4. JohnnyNo Gravatar says:

    Yea A black slave would had to of had her babies in a shed behind her masters house where today an illegal alien sneaks across the border like a rat and has her pups in a nice hospital room with full amenities!

    Either way there is no comparison to how blacks were treated during the slave trade of the 1800’s to how mexicans are being treated now. If anything I would have to say that our government treats mexican illegals pretty good even better then the citizens their supposed to represent!

    Illegal aliens get a free pass when it comes to breaking the law,
    they get free health care, free food and even free housing. (see section 8 housing)

    By nature illegal immigrants will live in run down houses and ruin a perfectly good neighborhood but they still are living high off the hog!

  5. BEADALONGNo Gravatar says:

    Oh god, did we pay to educate such a stupid girl?….What a waste of tax $ And they thought she was good, huh?

    Anybody remember this story recently on the slaves?
    Titlle: WHO BROUGHT THE SLAVES TO AMERICA-by Walter White Jr., 1968.

    How can there be any comparison here?

  6. BEADALONGNo Gravatar says:

    Well, in normal situations with a moral government, ICE etc would be called in and remove this POS, but as it is, the Bilderberg/greedy CEOs/OWN crowd adores these useful idiots…..May she will get the opportunity to enjoy the prospect of being a microchipped slave in the future!

  7. JimmyNo Gravatar says:

    The words “brainless twit” comes to mind.

    And yes we paid for her “education”.

    And yes, it was a total waste.

    We did not get a fair return on this anchor’s cost of birth, education, freebies, etc., etc., etc.

    Thanks for nothing, dc.

  8. USF BULLS says:

    Incredible, these people are so many standard deviations to the left of the intelligence distribution that I’m in complete awe. If I remember correctly, Africans were brought here against their will, these morons continue to sneak across the border on their own free will, only to work like slaves. No one forces them to come here. I never thought I’d say this, but, the empirical data compiled (from illegals south of the border) overwhelmingly makes the Social Darwinism and Eugenics Theories so valid. This is my first post and I just want to say…. this website is fantastic! Thank you all for continuing to keep this very important issue at the forefront for which it so deserves.

  9. Faye says:

    Is this what they’re producing out of those charter schools we’re paying for?

  10. BEADALONGNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, on playing this video again, doesn’t she sound like a complete airhead?

  11. says:

    Little girl, nobody’s laughing because it is extremely sad to see one so young so brainwashed. And further, to contemplate that this is not the only one, but that it has become so pervasive that each mirrors the next. I fear that we will not only have to establish English as the official language, but that we will have to make critical thinking a required course, pre-K-infinity.

  12. SteeleNo Gravatar says:

    QUOTE: “Nobody’s laughing”

    Hmm…. everyone that was in the room when I played the video was laughing well before she made that statement. Laughing as she was reading out of a book, reading someone else’s words, brainwashed so as to not think for herself. To see the truth of the situation.

    What saddens me about this video are those extremist activation groups exploiting young children with situations like this.

    Last time I checked, illegal aliens who worked here did not work for free, they are paid. If they are not smart enough to agree to a wage before they take a job, then that is their choice to be paid a “slave wage”. No one is forcing them to take a job with low pay. Of course, it will be twisted around that because they don’t have valid documents, they have no choice but to take those type of jobs. And of course, this is all our fault because we have laws regarding immigration, and because they are from Mexico, then we as a nation are racist, and “holding them back” from their true right, which is to take back the land that their government sold to us.. oh wait, the land which we stole from them after paying their government for it. And because our nation has laws about immigration, just like every other country in the world, we are the “bad” people because we won’t let illegal aliens from Mexico bypass our laws and the system.

    Why is it when a Mexican nationalist is in Mexico, they are just an average citizen. But when they illegally cross our border, they think they are entitled to everything free and not don’t have to follow ANY laws of our country or our states because they are from a third-world country and that they are “special”?

    Hey, here’s an idea. Go back to Mexico, get a job, save your money, get an education, and apply for legal status in the United States so you can make real money and have a real life. Or maybe a real house with real electric and running water, instead of a tin and cardboard shed in a shanty town colonias with stolen electricity and stolen water. Oh wait, you already want that because you are “entitled” to it……… Hi, my name is reality, I don’t think we have met…..

  13. seven_staarten says:

    @5: “And they thought she was good, huh?”

    i see it every every damn day. the (too) many are impressed by … so little.

    @8: social darwinism, eugenics = good times.

    The Tragedy of the Commons

    In a welfare state, how shall we deal with the family, the religion, the race, or the class (or indeed any distinguishable and cohesive group) that adopts overbreeding as a policy to secure its own aggrandizement? To couple the concept of freedom to breed with the belief that everyone born has an equal right to the commons is to lock the world into a tragic course of action.

    The population problem has no technical solution; it requires a fundamental extension in morality.

  14. Angel says:

    I’ve seen them off and on try and align themselves with the African American movement because that movement has been successful and theirs has been struggling.

    I except more of the same.

  15. Educated American says:

    She reminds me of some High Schoolers I’ve subbed for in the past. This generation is so propagandized to, so lied to, and so dumbed down. It’s not really their fault. If you even voice an opinion other than “full amnesty”, “legalize everybody 100%”, etc. - than you are deemed racist. (In Southern California public schools, I mean . . .). I have been called a “racist” because I’ve voiced anti-uncontrolled illegal immigration sentiments. Mind you, I NEVER volunteer my opinion. But I have been asked on numerous occasions. I state my opinion in very flat, unemotional, tones. I have been able to at least give some kids food for thought. When I have a chance to explain my argument in a calm, rational, manner - I can see the wheels turning.

  16. Educated American says:

    I almost forgot - comparing African slaves in American history to the “plight” of illegal immigrants from south of the border in the here and now -



  17. BEADALONGNo Gravatar says:

    I’m glad you’re trying to get those wheels turning, Educated American.

    I just wish the people I know would do the same. I have to wonder though why they just refuse to see we have an extremely serious issue here AND that the NAU is the reason our borders are left Wide Open despite the “War on Terra” AND I ask everybody if that makes any sense to them.

  18. DfD says:

    She’s confused about whether she’s an Indian or a chola…

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