Report from Lone Wolf:

In Los Angeles it wasn’t exactly the success expected, but the event went down peacefully.

I was at the event from 1:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m, in that timeframe two marchers were arrested, one for smoking pot, one for slapping somebody. The event was scheduled to start at 2:00 p.m., on the corner of 1st and Broadway, with the groups of marchers coming from three different locations, meeting in this intersection.

Initially, organizers expected 100,000 thousand marchers. The LAPD guesstimated 6,000, by 4:00 p.m. that went up to 8.500, and the final, after 6:00 p.m was 10,000. As in one tenth of the initial estimate.

When I arrived to the corner of 1st and Broadway, Downtown LA, one block from City Hall, there were more representatives of the media and cops, than marchers / activists.

However, it was a LOUD event, the ones, who showed up, were the hardcore activists. Smaller crowd, but I have seen a LOT more foreign flags, than in 2007.

There were Che flags, and attire, in nice numbers, too, as well as anarchist, Sandinista and even UN flags!

Mayor Villaraigosa did NOT show up at the event, but Fabian Nunez, the Speaker of the House, Gil Cedillo and I think rep Reyes. Nunez delivered spirited speeches in both Spanish (first), then English.

No, he had NOTHING to say about upholding the rule of law.

Police presence was negligible, the preferred to stay in the background. I have video of a police officer, shot in McArthur Park, who told the TV reporter they are out there today to HELP THE COMMUNITY EXERCISE THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

However, there were lots of police cars in the side streets, there were police officers, Homeland Security and Federal Protection Service officers around the Federal Building and City Hall, and occasionally Sheriff’s Deputies walked around in the crowd. There were three LAPD helicopters hovering around at all times.

Everybody was wearing regular uniforms, there was NO riot gear, as a matter of fact, nobody had any hats of caps of any sort, except for the bycicle officers.

Other than that, it was a fiesta like atmosphere, with all sorts of street vendors, from cotton candy, through bacon wrapped hot dogs, fruit salads, Mexican drinks, flags, flowers, etc.

There was music, strictly Mexican mariachi music, with ONE exception: when the marchers arrived to the intersection of 1st and Broadway, the DJ played “Coming to America” …

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  1. ChinaWallNo Gravatar says:

    Wendy Gonaver, wants what?
    Give her a free pass to Communist China, India, or Mexico. Those people have her mentality. ?ZERO-

  2. Eddie B.No Gravatar says:


  3. MatthewNo Gravatar says:

    Every time the criminals take to the streets disrupt our daily lives and demand what us and our ancestors have built, they piss of Americans even more. Their cause is useless and counter productive. The invaders have even stolen the civil rights movement from Black Americans, how unoriginal! Can you imagine the difference the cock roaches could make in their own country if they only concentrated their efforts there rather than impose on our society, a society that has made it more than clear that they are not welcome? These illegal aliens and their supporters are such a disruptive nuisance on the every day workings of this Country it’s unbelievable!

    As far as bratton, mayor vivalaraza and los angeles is concerned; There is no law enforcement to speak of there and the illegals apparently call the shots and run the city by way of the castration of the head law enforcement official and the illegals have a mexican government official running the city. Crime runs rampant in los angeles and there is no stopping it because the criminals invaders have a right to commit crime and common laws do not apply to them.


  4. Gram says:

    I was reading “posted comments” on the Americans for Legal Immigration website and came across this from someone in Chicago, “We demand the right to have access to the United States because the U.S. has become the octopus who has sucked up the riches of the people of the world,” said Lionel Jean-Baptiste, Haitian Representative.

    I’m for sending him back to Haiti on the first boat or plane.

  5. Mountain ManNo Gravatar says:

    Gram, I am with Ya!!! F**K’EM ALL!!!

  6. George says:

    Here is one,Lou dobbs take on the marches.but in my opinion he still does not hit hard enough.


  7. Faye says:

    E-mail from AZGhost:

    By the way incase you dont know who I am its Don of I’m revamping my whole site

    We didnt have a march of illegal aliens and their supporters on May First., We did have a counter of about 200 in case of called Riders USA We in fact were waiting for them at the end of their route.

    Deportation fears mean no rallies in Phoenix…

  8. says:

    AztlanBuster is working on his report.

  9. KevinNo Gravatar says:

    May Day in Phoenix, Arizona. Not a good day for the illegal alien invaders!

  10. KevinNo Gravatar says:

    Members attending the May Day rally in phoenix are:

    Riders Against Illegal Aliens

    Riders United for a Sovereign America, Corp.

    United for A Sovereign America (USA)

    Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

    AMERICAN CITIZENS UNITED the group recalling Mayor Phil Gordon

  11. litew8No Gravatar says:

    There was music, strictly Mexican mariachi music, with ONE exception: when the marchers arrived to the intersection of 1st and Broadway, the DJ played ?Coming to America?

    Of course they should have been signing “Coming to America illegally”.

  12. litew8No Gravatar says:

    Anyone notice that picture above? See how that tard is carrying the U.S.A. flag upsidedown? Look at the flag - you can see the Mexican flag on the other side (upright). Freaking tards.

  13. seven_staarten says:

    @10: this ~

    led to this:

    (thank you very much)

  14. BEADALONGNo Gravatar says:

    Yup, I noticed the flags.-There was some activity in San Jose, CA also. I was looking for some pics, but there were only just a very few this time (maybe more will come in later).

    Cockroaches go home and take your anchor baby brats with you!

    Thanks for the links guys, I will check them out later. The {FreedomFolks lady} also went out and took some pix at the Chicago rally so she has pix on her site.

  15. Gomez says:

    Blogging about the illegal alien problem and telling them to go home, on blogs, does not solve the problem.

    Our elected officials have failed to act in accordance with the Constitution of the United States: they are not upholding and defending the Constitution. They, therefore, should be impeached and replaced with competent representatives.

    Since our Federal Government has failed, and refuses, to defend this nation, we the citizens must defend it. It is time to shut up and take action against the illegals. We, the citizens, are the legal policing authority on the illegal alien issue. If you are not willing to stand up and defend your country, then quit complaining.

  16. BEADALONGNo Gravatar says:

    Well, I’ve written my politicians (city, state, federal) on this so many times as well as signing endless petiticians and sent out so many articles on this, it’s ridiculous. I’ve also told various strangers about this as well.

    I’ve also demanded that the Dems arrest the Bush administration and the PNAC crew and charge them with treason against this nation, with (no result as usual).

    …plus I’m dealing with my own poor health (it’s too inconsistent) and my financial state has collapsed as a result of of this also….Otherwise, I’d be trying to get some demonstrations going myself….I’m doing my best to wake up the few I know, but now it’s at the point where they need to get hit by a 2x 4 to get the point.—-I have no idea why they choose not to see the danger we’re in.

    The other alternative seems to be civil war or attacks on the various media houses, chambers of commerce, our governments (city, state and federal), the various consulates set up and to attack these secret society meetings, but I don’t have the money or the health and my frustration level is very high.

    I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) which has been treated like those with Gulf War Syndrome, Agent Orange and even the people who fell ill with bad 9/11 air.

    The media, drug/pesticide lobbyists lied to the doctors about is and lied to our government about this….Just recently, a reporter (Terry Moran-I think that was his 1st name) on ABC7 lied about us and shrugged us off as “Psychosomatic” again……Nobody except Martin Pall is looking at the possible role of enzymes (low or missing altogether) and the blood brain barrier and how this has affected the CNS (Central Nervous System).

    So, here we are sick, and here’s the black-hearted media who either act like we don’t exist, or they’ll every once in a blue moon, come back with more lies about us (just to keep reminding the sheeple of our “psychosomatic, lazy malingering status.) That to me is like kicking me when I’m already down—and believe me, I’ve been busy with the politicians regarding this as well.

    Finally, I remind the polticians on this “EARTH DAY/GLOBAL WARMING/AL GORE” sham of: How we are treated and there’s not one word mentioned by these “Earth Day” sham artists about any of us nor do they mention:
    Depleted Uranium
    GM terminator seeds.

    Oh, regarding 9/11, Christine Todd Whitman (EPA) lied about the air quality and several people are now sick as a result.

    So, I’ve been busy, but it had to be of the “Armchair quality” with the issues of: illegal aliens, the endless wars, not getting us involved in Iran, the False “War in Terra,” our Massive Trade deficits, ending the use of all manner of visa holders and ending the tax breaks of All corporations who offshore, outsource and use all manner of visa holders and illegal aliens and MCS and freeing Ramos/Compean-our border guards.

    Sometimes, it seems like all this is a second job to me, but I am trying to do something besides complain.

  17. BEADALONGNo Gravatar says:

    Oh, I also try to write the papers about this also, but most of the time I’m ignored. Yes, I try to write much shorter, precise articles and only 1 topic at a time when I do so.

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