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Failed asylum seekers are sneaking out of Britain ? because they are fed up with the state of our public services, according to immigration staff.

Les Williams, a chief immigration officer for the UK Border Agency, said that he and his team have collared scores of illegal immigrants trying to break past border controls in recent weeks.

He said that of those caught, most have said that the lack of sunshine and bad healthcare from the NHS were the main reasons why they wanted to get out of the UK.

The majority of those caught are from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mr Williams, a Kent-based chief immigration officer for the UK Border Agency, said: “One thing we have noticed recently is people trying to leave the country.”

He told Police Review magazine: “We cannot explain exactly why they are trying to go but when some of these people were questioned, they said they wanted to go to a warmer country as they are fed up with the English weather and fed up with their treatment on the NHS.”

He also said that many of the illegals told him that they had planned to head for Italy after hearing rumours that the government would introduce an amnesty for asylum seekers.

Mr Williams said: “Italy was mentioned as a destination on several occasions.”

A second immigration insider said he had stopped a group of four Iraqis trying to sneak out of the port of Dover.

3 Responses to “‘We’re fed up with the cold weather and the NHS,’ say asylum seekers trying to break OUT of Britain”
  1. seven_staarten says:

    what’s the farsi word for pu$$y

  2. BEADALONGNo Gravatar says:

    Fed up with the weather? Don’t like the public services? Darn! What will complain about next? …Hey, things were better in the country they left, huh?

    If Italy was smart and (if their government isn’t corrupt), they should have bad public services for these people too.

  3. joNo Gravatar says:

    HA! HA! HA!

    soon we will start hearing about the invaders here trying to sneak out. that’s when we will bill that fence. OH YEAH! mexico will demand it, as that wasn’t part of the plan.hehehehe. i can hear them now, “why i need to stay here, this country is sheet, this is just a broke ass country, i wont to go back for my familee…………etc. it’s funny, but i’m serious. i predicted this some time ago.

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