MS-13 - 10,000 or More In The U.S.


This gang has committed one of the most horrific crime scenes ever witnessed by law enforcement, young men, women and children brutally murdered with machetes. These innocent victims were slaughtered and dismembered for no reason at the hand of MS-13.

The majority of MS-13 members are foreign-born and are frequently involved in human and drug smuggling and immigration violations. Like most street gangs, MS-13 members are also committed to such crimes as robbery, extortion, rape and murder. They also run a well-financed prostitution ring.

This notorious gang, best known for their violent methods, can now be found in 33 states, with an estimated 10,000 members and more than 40,000 in Central America. The FBI says MS-13 are the fastest growing and most violent of the nation’s street gangs. So much so, even other gangs fear them.

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