The real source of desert water stations


In regard to your recent article ?Border Angels founder to get honorary degree? for ?installing 340 water stations in the Imperial Desert? (Short Takes, April 21), I would like to set the record straight about the water stations Enrique Morones is claiming credit for.

I am the founder and president of Water Station Inc. Our first stations were installed in July 2000.

We have had many dedicated volunteers install and service several hundred water stations every year from 2000 to the present in the Imperial Desert and Anza Borrego. They are intended to save the lives of desert travelers during the summer months.

The work is controversial and we do not advertise for several reasons. One is we do not want to encourage immigrants to cross the desert in the summer since it is extraordinarily lethal, even though we probably save some lives each year. The second reason we don’t advertise is due to racially motivated vandalism, which includes impaling rabbits on our flags or shooting, burning or stealing the stations. Morones’ bald attempt to take credit for our volunteers’ work forces me disclose the following facts.

The ?340 water stations in the Imperial Desert? that Morones advertises on his Web site are actually our stations. We install them every spring, maintain them with water through the summer and remove them in the fall. They can be identified with their blue and orange flags.

I naively appointed Morones president of the water station program during the 2002 summer, but we soon voted him out. Enrique then founded Border Angels in 2003 (not 1986 as he misrepresents).

I share some of his sentiments regarding the immigrant hardships on the border. However, he does none of the work on the water stations we maintain nor is he allowed to.

Morones is not part of our organization. The Border Angels have no stations or even Bureau of Land Management permits in our sector. This can be verified by talking to Bureau of Land Management in El Centro and the Anza Borrego Ranger station in Borrego Springs.

Our water station volunteers over the last nine years have been people who performed works to help others they would never meet. They have shown selflessness without desire for public recognition. Many thanks to them.

Water Station Inc.

Ironically, John Hunter, the President of Water Station Inc. is the brother of Congressman Duncan Hunter.

On the Fence with John and Duncan Hunter.

Duncan has aided John’s push to save the lives of those who do cross. He prodded the Bureau of Land Management to give Water Station the right to set up on public land and helped secure $92,000 for John’s proposal?later defeated?to install lifesaving buoys in the All-American Canal, a 200-foot-wide aqueduct that skirts the border. In July, testifying before a congressional committee on the efficacy of a fenced border, Duncan boasted, “You may know, my brother is a well-known humanitarian who…puts out water in the desert to keep people from dying of thirst.” John rejects the “humanitarian” moniker, saying, “The average person associates those guys with losers.” He adds: “We come from the same mother. We only fistfight on alternate Tuesdays.”

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  1. Mari says:

    I can’t help it, I still love Duncan Hunter and support his son. I don’t find much wrong with saving the lives of ignorant peasants who stupidly try and cross the desert to break in to America. However, I do think there should be sensors and cameras on these water stations, to alert the BP of an illegal’s presence. Finally, I love that the Freak has been busted in yet ANOTHER lie. He’s too fat and lazy to actually do anything for the illegals he supports, so he tries to “rip off” another’s altruism. I love that Southwestern College now has egg on it’s face for giving the Freak an honorary degree for his BOGUS humanitarianism. I LOL every time I think of it. Just another example of the deceit and hypocrisy perpetrated on the US by the Freak and his minions.

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