AZ Lawmakers Vote To Fund Troops On Border

Tucson Citizen

The Arizona House voted Monday to require Gov. Janet Napolitano to follow through on her proposal to increase the number of National Guard troops who are helping crack down on illegal immigration at the state’s border with Mexico.

The lawmakers also agreed to provide $5 million in state money for the plan by the governor, who has asked the Pentagon to pick up the costs and said her ideas for using border troops would be impossible without complete federal funding.

Republican Rep. John Allen of Scottsdale said his state funding proposal would either let the Democratic governor carry out her plan - or force her to explain why she did not.

“She planted an idea that she knows the public supports, but she also did it to where she knew she wouldn’t have to do it,” Allen said.

Napolitano spokeswoman Pati Urias declined to comment on Allen’s proposal and criticism. The measure, which was approved 36-20, now moves to the state Senate.

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