DALTON, Georgia: U.S. downturn upsets dreams of Hispanics.

In his first years in the United States, Carlos Jacinto endured the itinerant life of a Guatemalan migrant worker, from picking fruit in Florida to moving logs at a sawmill in Washington. Eventually, he settled here in northern Georgia and erected a middle-class American life.

The carpet factories that sustained this town were desperate for workers to supply a nationwide boom in home construction. The wages that Jacinto earned over the last decade were enough to buy a minivan and a brick house with a yard and a swing set for his four young girls. It was a long way from his childhood home in Guatemala: a wooden shack without electricity or plumbing.

But last month, amid the shrinking fortunes of the American economy, Jacinto, 37, was laid off. Everything he has achieved is suddenly at risk.

“Am I going to be able to keep up the payments on my house?” he asked. “I never believed this could happen. Now, we don’t know the future.”

20 Responses to “For Illegal Aliens In U.S., A Dream Is Going Sour”
  1. JohnnyNo Gravatar says:

    What? Are we supposed to feel sorry for this putz????

  2. REDNo Gravatar says:

    My Heart is BREAKING….does anybody have a tissue??

  3. SteeleNo Gravatar says:

    QUOTE: “?Am I going to be able to keep up the payments on my house?? he asked. ?I never believed this could happen. Now, we don?t know the future.?”

    Awww, gee.. welcome to America. What do you want, a handout to pay for your house while other legal Americans have to foreclose on their homes and change their way of life? I bet next illegal aliens from south of the border demand unemployment benefits………..

  4. John CreasyNo Gravatar says:

    “Am I going to be able to keep up the payments on my house?? he asked. ?I never believed this could happen. Now, we don?t know the future.”–Invader

    My God, these people truly live in some kind of bizarre parallel universe.

  5. wesag97No Gravatar says:

    I agree with Steele. Just like with Enron and those other failed companies, its not longer about the employee, but the ruling elites getting theirs and squatting on what actually made the company produce. So welcome to the the common U.S. Citizens real world, ILLEGAL JACKA$$.

  6. SandmanNo Gravatar says:

    The bad part is though, most invaders will continue to live here regardless of the economy because there are enough tax dollars available to them to continue living here, job or NO job. Invaders are fully aware that life here will always be smoother for them here in the U.S. so they are not likely to leave anytime soon. To make things worse, most of them have anchor babies that can be used to funnel in Social Security checks for a very long time. I can see some real problems for the American people down the road when the economy really starts to freefall and there will be very little help available to AMERICAN CITIZENS who have paid into the system for a very long time. Invaders know that the system favors them and they will fight us to maintain that. This mess will only get worse as time goes by. Thanks for looking out for our best interests, Government, we luv ya!

  7. melodyNo Gravatar says:

    No, I don’t think the illegals are going anywhere. Their anchor babies are entitled to indoor plumbing and electricity. Who would want to go back to an outhouse? As long as these people have food to eat, don’t expect them to run away or anything. Just having enough food to eat is a miracle for some of these people.

    What load of crap about no American wanting the jobs that pay $14 an hour. Nobody told me about these jobs. Believe me, if I knew about these jobs, realized the standards were so low(must be if you hire illegal aliens) and thought somebody would hire me, I would have moved there.

  8. Rob ChapmanNo Gravatar says:

    I wish it weren’t true, but I think Melody is onto something.

    Here in LA, there are plenty of jobs, and even more illegal invaders that are more than welcome to take them.

    No offense at all to any of our Black friends, but, an inner-city young Black would probably be happy to have a $14 an hour job. I’m White, and I certainly didn’t get paid $14 an hour until well into adulthood. But instead, certain employers are giving them to invaders and paying much less, much to the great harm of Whites and Blacks alike.

    Blacks have a great deal at stake and much to loose if the current invasion is not stopped and every last illegal deported.

    Whites and Blacks should stand closely together on this issue and fight it with our combined political power. After all, it’s OUR country!

  9. Mountain ManNo Gravatar says:

    ?Am I going to be able to keep up the payments on my house?? he asked. ?I never believed this could happen. Now, we don?t know the future.?

    Welcome to the real world, DUMBASS.

  10. SkyPainterNo Gravatar says:

    ?Am I going to be able to keep up the payments on my house?? he asked. ?I never believed this could happen. Now, we don?t know the future.?

    Booo Hooooooooooo. All I can say is… TOOOOO BAD!

    What really pi$$es me off is that in California we are the most taxed people in the whole USA and I will not see a single red penny if I ever fall on hard times because these sucking illegal alien leeches will have sucked the system bone dry.

    What a Jerk!

  11. K2No Gravatar says:

    “Eventually, he settled here in northern Georgia and erected a middle-class American life.”-

    No, he invaded Ga with the collaboration of a 5th column and profiteers, and erected a middle-class Illegal Alien life.

    “But last month, amid the shrinking fortunes of the American economy, Jacinto, 37, was laid off. Everything he has achieved is suddenly at risk.”-

    Tough. Such is life at the gambling table that is illegal residency and labor. Plonk $$$ down at the Roulette wheel, for a similar punt.

    “Am I going to be able to keep up the payments on my house?” he asked. “I never believed this could happen. Now, we don’t know the future.”-

    You contributed heavily to the losses and uncertainty of legal American citizens. Your fiesta at the expense of Americans is coming to a close. Suck on it.

    “For the last eight years, José Serrano, an illegal immigrant, has crammed into rented houses in Atlanta with five and six other men while working construction jobs that paid about $10 an hour, sending most of his earnings home to Mexico City to support his wife and three children… Now, there is no money to send home. He has sold his car, navigating Atlanta’s freeway-laced sprawl by bicycle. He has been borrowing from friends to pay his rent of $150 a month.”

    Even the darkest cloud has a silver lining. Even when things are tough, remember, there are illegals who aren’t exporting the economy any more, and are even leeching off their own fellow invaders. Fewer dollars for the Mexican vacuum cleaner means more dollars for citizens.

    “The carpet factories that sustained this town were desperate for workers to supply a nationwide boom in home construction. The wages that Jacinto earned over the last decade were enough to buy a minivan and a brick house…”

    Typical socialist-corporate, “free trade” economic rationale at work, with this La Raza/Chamber of Commerce fluff piece. It makes out that the carpet factories could not do without the illegals. As if there were no Americans working at these places already. The reality was, these places were already fully operational, and staffed. They were already meeting the market’s demands. They weren’t acting on what they needed to do- they were acting on what they WANTED to do… expand. This is the business gamble that they rolled the dice for. Instead of continuing the business within the parameters of overheads, and profit, they wanted to obtain speculative profit, beyond their current capacity, without raising labor outlay (and/or decreasing management expense) to pay for it. By attracting illegal labor to expand, they bypass sound business principles, and enter the realm of investment speculation, with unlawful practices.

    “The boom in American housing generated millions of new jobs … Latinos occupied widening swaths of these trades and filled large numbers of relatively high-paying construction jobs.”-

    In part, yes. But the “boom” in American housing was an artificial bubble, that was also generated by the availability of swathes of Latino illegals. The exponential increase in illegal invaders was in tandem with the bubble. This was no coincidence, and was by no means feeding one-way only.

    “As a great influx of Latino immigrants spread … many found employment doing much of the unpleasant work shunned by those with better prospects.”

    Propaganda. As they spread, they depressed wages below that which could be afforded by taxpayers with overheads. In the instances when they take a job that has not had an actual decrease, they serve to retard the increase required to attract legal labor. All work, all jobs can and will be filled. The (legal) market dictates how much the employer must offer to fill positions. If the wage increases, the business must reduce overheads at management level, curtail expansion, or pass on the extra to consumers. If the consumer fails to buy the product at the new price, the employer is doing something wrong… usually incompetence, greed, overhead extravagance, misunderstanding of the industry etc.

    “But now significant portions of this work are disappearing and what were once the fastest-growing areas of the United States, including states with expanding Hispanic populations like Florida, California, Georgia and Nevada, are often bearing the brunt of the pain.”-

    The bubble has burst amigos. The piper is demanding payment. These communities who stupidly believed that it was going to be one great Multiculti bonanza, will be taken over by a swathe of 3rd Worlders, with a sense of entitlement, perception of victimhood, and a lust for power.

    “…the turndown in the job market has significantly cut into earnings, dropping the share of those sending money home to families in Latin America from nearly three-fourths two years ago to about half…”-

    This of course is the real #1 concern of La Raza and co. But what is bad for the Tapeworm, is however, good for the Host.

    “Growth was fueled by heavy reliance on subprime mortgages - loans extended to people with troubled credit histories, which have since proved the most likely to go bad…”-

    The bubble was always going to be bad for the USA. The bust would have never been so bad, had not the shortsighted and greedy companies exacerbated the problem with illegal labor, in order to bypass natural growth. Subprime, combined with bad credit and illegal labor was a recipe for national meltdown.

    “By 2006, 47 percent of the loans issued for home purchases by Hispanics were subprime, nearly double the rate for … whites.”-

    And yet, the open borders lobby, La Raza and Mexico will maintain that “hispanics” and the illegal mexicans are merely “victims” of the crisis… not perpetrators.

    “Before the 1980s, the carpet industry attracted mostly white blue-collar workers from as far as Tennessee and Alabama, offering wages that paid enough to support families. But competition intensified and as similar jobs sprang up elsewhere, Dalton’s carpet mills struggled to find enough workers.”-

    Yes, competition “intensified”. Dalton’s carpet mills “struggled to find enough workers”, because they weren’t competitive. They were likely inefficient, and did not have a good enough product to compete for sales, and/or they did not offer wages high enough to secure the labor. The market would have sorted itself out.

    “They came in here and saved jobs,” said Dalton’s mayor, David Pennington. “This is a one-industry town. If they hadn’t come here, the carpet industry was going to leave.”-

    No, they came in and took jobs away from citizens. They merely provided the local carpet businesses with an alternative to- adjusting their prices, higher wage levels, economising production, cutting management extravagance, reducing overheads, overhauling management, reducing speculative investment/expansion. Businesses grow and shrink, succeed and fail. Often even good ones, due to random adverse effects. That is free enterprise. Taking the easy route of the Global “free trade” cheap labor drug, will not ensure success beyond the extreme short term. In the meantime, the nation suffers, and the economy is damaged, which will likely take the short-termer down anyway.

    “Today, Latinos make up about 40 percent of the city’s population, up from 10 percent a decade ago. About 70 percent of the students in the city school system are Hispanic.”-

    Was it worth it, Dalton?

  12. JimmyNo Gravatar says:

    “a swathe of 3rd Worlders, with a sense of entitlement, perception of victimhood, and a lust for power.” “Was it worth it, Dalton?”

    For the greedy elite, yes. For the rest of us NO………….

    Raza, defined in a nut shell.

    Very excellent post………

  13. tempest440No Gravatar says:

    Articles like this one show the twisted sense of entitlement illegals have in a nutshell! Funny how Americans have to show a valid SS# to not only get a job, but also to buy a house! To get utility service, medical care, and sign our kids up for school! How these pll consistantly get away with the document fraud/forgery, ID fraud-forgery-theft even, and obtaining goods and services thru fraudulent-illegal means really irks me! When we as Americans commit these same crimes we are prosecuted and pay for crimes! We would get laughed out of the court room if we cried about how it would break up our family if we go to jail, as most illegals do! One thing consistant in these articles is the proof of the lack in equal enforcement of US laws! Last I knew poverty was not a valid excuse to commit crimes! This man worked here illegally, he illegally bought a house and a car, he is I’m sure getting government aid for any US born kids he spawned here, knowing he would then be entitled to free medicaid for them, and food stamps, wic, heap, and if he loses his house as many Americans have, what? Will he then get section 8? All this obtained without a valid SS#!! ???????UNBELIEVABLE!! Wake up America and start bombarding your elected officials to enforce US laws or vote them out of office! Start calloing ICE, report any illegal activity you see in your neighborhoods, report employers hiring these leaches, if there are no jobs and no way for them to benefit they will self deport, if laws are enforced equally for all of us, then they wont be able to benefit in this country, If we make life miserable for them, their supporters, the gov’t officials backing them then we will get action, as of now there are still more of us than there is of them, if we sit back and do nothing we will be in a world of trouble, our kids will end up growing up in an extension of third world latin america that these 3rd world invaders are turning our towns and cities into! They dont assimilate, they try and take over and change our laws to suit themselves.
    They also bring 3rd world diseases and cultural differences with them! Did you know that many illegal aliens harbor fatal diseases that American medicine fought and vanquished long ago, such as drug-resistant tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy, plague, polio, dengue, and Chagas disease, to name a few. HIV-AIDS is also more prevalent in third world countries, and other STD’s. Not to mention lack of proper hygeine/ sanitation when they cram several families or 20-30 ppl in a single family residence! As a medical professional I am apalled that the health concerns and risks to us all are hardly mentioned in the media! It should be a major concern and is a valid reason to agressively deport these 3rd world invaders back to where they came from, as they put us all at risk!
    And FYI: Americans who are harmed by illegals in places like mentioned in this article, where immigration laws are not enforced should contact IRLI (immigration reform law institute) and start sueing our government for putting them at risk and in harms way, by exposing them(us) to illegals thru lax enforcement of the Immigration laws that are there in part to protect us!

  14. melodyNo Gravatar says:

    I guess what happens with some employers who hire illegal aliens.

    First the employers hire the cream of the illegal alien crop, then after they have made a good first impression and seem to be such great workers, their less talented lazy illegal friends and relatives show up and the boss is under pressure to go ahead and hire them too. He tells himself, “Oh, well I’m only going to pay him $10 when I have to pay a U.S. citizen $14 so I’m getting a bargain.” Besides the boss has already risked getting himself in a lot of trouble for hiring illegals. Perhaps some of the illegals begin to blackmail him. He finds he can’t fire any of the illegals for fear of being reported. Why not, they have nothing to lose? Meanwhile not realizing how much slack is being picked up by the under apreciated more skilled faster workers. Then one day nobody knows what they are doing and all the skilled workers are gone because they can’t afford to stay. The operation becomes a pathetic mess with no common sense and no proper direction.

  15. joNo Gravatar says:

    hey don’t buy this crap,

    all these illegals sent money home to buy homes. they are not stupid and have taken into account that something could go wrong and even if nothing does, they intend to retire to the good life in their countries, which many left as poor people but will return to a better life then they could enjoy here when they retire. they are NOT losing their homes here as they know how to meet that mortgage note. they have ABSOLUTELY NO problem taking in “borders”, as many as necessary. they know that the swimming pool minus water with a tarp over it makes for a rentable space for many. they know that a double car gargage makes a rental space for many. they know take a 2-3 bedroom house can sleep many ,particularly if they work shifts. they know all this and have no hesitancy to follow thru. they know in addition, if they have children, there is plenty of aid for them. they know that the direct desposit check that their old people signed up for when they were here for a “visit” will go on even if the ole folks die. they know how to make it!

  16. joNo Gravatar says:

    oh my gawd,

    did i leave out those rv’s in the driveways and parked out front. they are really a creative lot ,aren’t they………………………………………………………..

  17. melodyNo Gravatar says:

    The illegals are true winners. They take, take, take, take, and when out of work they use their “U.S. citizen” children to take even more. All their money gets funneled out of the U.S. where they don’t have to worry about being accused of Welfare fraud because our government will not be looking at their assets in their home country(well not that I know of).

    Compared to the unemployed U.S. citizens they are so sad and pathetic looking so broke and so in need of help. Having been payed in cash or worked with a fake ID they don’t have to worry about earning a few dollars too much to get this benefit a few dollars too much to get that benefit.

  18. melodyNo Gravatar says:

    Another trick they like to use is leave the “U.S. born” children behind. I mean really. Would they let a U.S. citizen tell the state of California “I don’t have a color t.v. where I live so give my sweet children to someone who does.” They would arrest the U.S. citizen and put him in jail for child abandonment. They would also make fun of him. Why should the tax payers be stuck with their kids. They don’t even plan to place these kids with strangers. They talk about signing documents so a friend or relative can take care of the kid. Well the friend or relative might not be so eager to take the kid if the kid couldn’t get a complete welfare package.

    If the parent can be deported, it should be against the law to leave the anchor baby behind. If you expect the parent to survive, the kid should be able to as well. What? children only need safe places to live and food? If there is no food in the home country, why would we send the grown-up back? Adults are humans too!

  19. joNo Gravatar says:

    when they leave the babies thay create a new industry called foster care.
    . their friends and “family” give them a kickback. they sneak right back, so they are not really separated or they send the children back to mexico or where ever for visits.
    many of these people, the woman as well as the men, think nothing of leaving their children in their home countries when they come here. over time, many no longer even write as they have NEW families here. all this “my familee” whining is just a bunch of crap for most of these people.

  20. joNo Gravatar says:

    by the way, i personally know some of them who have done just that and they seem to have no real guilt about it

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