Vicente Fox Offends Women

El Universal

In a speech on Wednesday, Fox said that 75 percent of Mexican families now have washing machines, “and not with two legs and feet (referring to women), but metal washing machines.”

Lawmaker Cristina Portillo said that “Fox reduced women to objects, to house appliances, comparing them and considering them of less worth than metal washing machines, this … constitutes a serious act of discrimination against women.”

4 Responses to “Vicente Fox Offends Women”

  1. holloywood Says:

    Women take everything personally, thats the problem with women, the female spirit is the spirit of political correctness and apeasement if you werent aware. The female ego is offended at everything that dosent revolve around it. Power struggle between men and women is the microcosim of the political left and right. Democrats/female Republicans/male. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Thanks for removing our link from your site because you take things to personally. You site isnt that great anyway.

  2. Jalira Says:

    Vicente can’t help but degrade any human because he doesn’t give much worth to life. I resent this other comment here, sounds like someone has a personal axe to grind against women. I am a woman and I am conservative. I am not offended by Fox’s statement at all, or taking it personally, I think its funny. I DO take holloywood insulting my friend Watchdog’s site personally though. I’d like to kick your ass for that one, unforgivable!!! :)

  3. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    That reminds me of a quote from one of ‘fox’s’ progenetors; Lenin. The quote dealt with the promises of “socialism” and its intent was to cause the drooling minions to accede to their enslavement. To bolster the scriptural promise that ‘the state will slowly wither away’ Lenin said-repeatedly- “even a FEMALE COOK will be able to run the government” [in the coming golden age] You may have noticed that I attempted to put fox into quotes. The reason for that is that fox is not his real last name- it is the family name of his paternal grandfather who was-gulp-an Irishman. His real last name is “Quesada” and that is the name he was enrolled into Yale with, his passport lists etc. They only recently changed his last name to misdirect our attention away from his ethnicity and make him “seem more like us” -I was also not joking about the Lenin comparison, for when you look into all of the rogues gallery of flea-bitten revolutionaries, you will see that nearly ALL of them took on a nom de gurre; beginning with Mordechai Levi-[Karl Marx] Vladimir Illyich[lenin] Ioseb Jughashvili [Stalin] etc etc as long as we are on the subject, it is less known that the House of Stuart [the regnant family in Great Brittain] is actually the House of Hanover-a German family [not Scottish in the line of Robert Bruce as the name would suggest] they swiftly and silently switched it during WWI while everyone was distracted. Sorry, I have digressed, “fox” is actually QUESADA. Ive done it elsewhere and I intend to do it here shortly, Quesada has a website in which you can post I’ll pull it up and post it. WILL YOU PLEASE SEND HIM A LITTLE NOTE ???] I hope you will

  4. Naui Huitzilopochtli Says:

    Vicente Fox is a racist white crillo .

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