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Fight Illegal Immigration DIRECTLY: Support Your ?Local? Sheriff

Earlier this week Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano diverted almost $2 million dollars in funding from Joe Arpaio and the county sheriff?s office - by executive order. The funding had been originally appropriated by the Arizona state legislature specifically for the sheriff?s activities relating to enforcement of state human smuggling laws.

In a press conference Wednesday, Napolitano stated that Sheriff Joe was using state money to cause stess in the ?illegal community?, and that money would no longer be available. Since beginning the ?crime prevention sweeps?, Arpaio?s office has busted over 900 illegal aliens and smugglers - many of them with existing felonies.

Here you have a state governor openly admitting she wants to protect the ?illegal community?. The MCSO is one of a few local law enforcement agencies in America (if not the only) aggressively going after the illegal invaders.

It?s time to fight back against the and send a few bucks to the Maricopa Country Sheriff?s office to DIRECTLY fund the crime sweeps. Even if you don?t live in Arizona, this is put-up-or-shut-up time. Your contribution will render actual results in fighting illegal immigration - as opposed to giving money to a political candidate or PAC.

Specify on your check ?to fight illegal immigration? and make payable to:

?MCSO Donation Fund?
100 W. Washington 19th floor Suite 1900
Phoenix, AZ 85003

One Response to “Fight Illegal Immigration DIRECTLY: Support Your ?Local? Sheriff”
  1. USMCwife says:

    Thank you for posting this.
    A check to Sheriff Joe went out this AM and am passing the word along.
    Sheriff Joe is on the front lines of this battle.
    God Bless him.

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