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Milenio (Mexico City) 5/15/08

The Bogota, Colombia, daily El Tiempo today editorialized that the Mexican drug gangs have copied the tactics used 20 years ago by the late Colombian narco-trafficker Pablo Escobar. The Medellin Cartel aimed to ?intimidate society and blackmail the State by means of vehicle bombs and indiscriminate terrorism? and this is what the Mexican criminals aim to do. It added ?The government of Felipe Calderon confronts a war ever so more tenacious against the drug cartels?. It pointed out that the United States ?proposes the design of a type of Plan Colombia to help Mexico in its fight which also affects the border and illegal immigration.? (Continuing to quote from the Colombian paper) ?No one argues that economic and technical assistance is needed. But, as long as the illegal narcotraffic business continues to be the world?s most lucrative, the present war strategy against drugs has been shown to be ineffectual.?

?The recent and hard Colombian experience evidences this and the tragedy which Mexico is undergoing today confirms it. There are more than enough candidates to replace each and every drug boss who falls.?

It commented that ?the large cartels are dismembered but others appear, more mobile, relentless and sophisticated. Which confirms the urgency of seeking new forms of confronting this phenomenon and weakening its economic base and its capacity to generate violence and corruption.? ?As happens with the coca, marihuana or poppy plantations, the illegal economic activity and the violence associated with this crime move from place to place. So much so, that in Peru they are alarmed by the presence of money and weapons coming from the north. But they don?t call in Colombianization but Mexicanization.?

According to the paper, the war being fought by President Calderon against the mafias has found a reply by the narcotraffickers and mainly in the Gulf and Sinaloa Cartels.?

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  1. ChinaWallNo Gravatar says:

    Texas Senator Kay Hutchison provides known Illegal Aliens with a 1250 mile (El Paso to the Gulf) long and 150-mile wide sanctuary for tens of thousands. The brood Mexican females are breeding and spitting out anchor babies faster than the millions can walk across the border unfettered right in front of the Border Patrol. The mayors of the little settlements have Mexican (pitiful Spanish) the official language. She uses taxpayer funds and Texas Gov. Rick Perry helps her.

    She is in the top ten of the most powerful people in Commerce on Capital Hill. Note she is quitting her senate job two years early (JAN 09) to come back and run for GOV of Texas. She will no doubt be more ruthless than Bush or Perry have been because she intends to open Texas like a can of pinto beans.

    She and the Bush regime are family in crimes against American citizens. It is about money and they have sacrificed multiple millions of Americans for it.

    She is pro-Amnesty
    She is pro-Trans Texas Corridor
    She is pro-Pacific corridor
    She is pro-Offshore of jobs; I think she really has a thing for Communist China as most free traders do.
    She is anti-American-Sovereignty
    She is pro-World control

  2. joNo Gravatar says:

    She is a stinking ,scaky, greedy, immoral whore! my karma hit her and hit her hard!

  3. joNo Gravatar says:
  4. seven_staarten says:

    Mexican drug gangs have copied the tactics used 20 years ago by the late Colombian narco-trafficker Pablo Escobar.

    yeah. ultimnately, that lead to one of my favorite pictures:

    and, agreed … f*ck you, kay bailey-h. hope she does get the texas governorship, as its largely ceremonial nature is far, far less destructive than a senatorial seat.

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