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For about six months last year, Pedro Clavjio and other painters and carpenters on his work crew toiled full days and sometimes nights at a Department of Justice building downtown.

But as they spruced up the building, a civil lawsuit alleges, Clavjio and his co-workers were being unlawfully exploited by their employer, Hann & Hann Inc. construction services, a Rockville-based contractor.

For work there and elsewhere, Clavjio and the other laborers, mostly immigrants earning $10 to $20 an hour, weren’t paid overtime they were entitled to and in some cases weren’t paid for regular work hours, according to the lawsuit, filed last week in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt. Hann & Hann also made unauthorized deductions from workers’ pay, charging them for tools such as paintbrushes and uniforms that bore the company’s name, the lawsuit alleges.

“We all have dignity,” Clavjio, 42, a Silver Spring resident, said in an interview conducted in Spanish. “What happened to me and the other workers isn’t right. We’re looking for justice.”

Clavjio, a legal immigrant from Peru, said he often worked 56 hours a week but was paid for 40.

Hann & Hann is owned and run by company President Terry R. Hann, of Potomac, and his brother Gary F. Hann, of Gaithersburg. The Hanns did not respond to phone calls and e-mails requesting comment.

Robert J. Smith, an attorney for the company, said Hann & Hann “strives to abide by all of the applicable laws relating to its employees.

5 Responses to “Immigrant Workers Sue MD Employer”
  1. joNo Gravatar says:

    if they are illegals screw them and throw their a$$es out of the country. if they are legal, i hope they sue the sh*t out of the employer. all of them that are legal can sue and should, then americans can get the jobs back, cuz they will end up costing the employers more than if they had hired americans in the first place. americans still want to believe that these “poor” people are working for pennies, but everytime these things come up the hourly wage is more than most citizens make. poor deluded american dumba$$es!

  2. MatthewNo Gravatar says:

    These invaders have 0 dignity! If they had, they would not have to sneak into this country under the cover of illegality and darkness. They F*&KING cut in line and pushed those waiting patiently to come into this country the right way to the side. And these indignant pukes make an average of $20 a day from whence they come, and now $10-$20 an hour is inhumane and wrong? They just keep pushing and pushing Americans deeper and deeper don’t they? This is all blackmail plain and simple! “Give us what we want or else” is their low life tactics. I’d love to spit in this guy’s face and then take a crap on his bare chest, that is what he and his scum troops mean to me and my family!

  3. melodyNo Gravatar says:

    Exactly jo,

    but everytime these things come up the hourly wage is more than most citizens make. poor deluded american dumba$$es!

    Brainwashing is a powerful thing. Isn’t it. Tell them the illegals work for large bowls of rice and beans and the people will believe. Ya, right.

    They had food where they come from that is how they were strong enough to make the long trip over here. A malnourished sick person is just going to lay down and give up because he is sick. They are going to risk their lives? and spend every penny they can lay their hands own coming over here so they can stay alive? All they hope to do is stay alive?

  4. George says:

    I hope these illegals sue all of the employers that hire them it would sever them right. By the way I read that a lot of the growers in the San I dont know how to spell Spanish words but in the valley from Bakersfield to sacramento,are selling their property here and moving to Mexico.It apears these ash-les just cant stand the thought of hiering Americans.and you know who will pay for there relocation Yep the American tax paye,Ed Bradly of 60 minutes did a special years ago on Just that.Bu maybe the link below will cheer you up a little.


  5. joNo Gravatar says:

    yeah, but these growers are whining like hell. over in mexheco the “workers” ain’t working so well lol. serve them right!

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