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DES MOINES, Iowa — The nation’s largest single immigration raid, resulting in nearly 400 arrests earlier this week, violated the constitutional rights of workers at a meatpacking plant, a federal lawsuit says.

The lawsuit accuses the government of arbitrary and indefinite detention. It seeks to prevent the government from moving the arrested workers out-of-state as their cases wend through the system.

A spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office said he couldn’t comment on the lawsuit filed Thursday on behalf of about 147 of the workers rounded up Monday at an Agriprocessors Inc. meat processing plant.

The lawsuit was filed against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Division and several government officials, including Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

Most of the arrested workers were held in local jails. The suit notes that other raids have seen detainees transferred for detention far from attorneys, making it difficult to work on their cases.

An attorney who interviewed detainees learned that Agriprocessors obtained false identification for immigrant workers, improperly withheld money from employees’ paychecks for “immigration fees,” did not allow workers to use the restroom during 10-hour shifts, physically abused workers and didn’t compensate them for overtime work, according to the lawsuit.

As victims of alleged crimes, the workers would be eligible for certain visas that would let them gain legal status, the suit said. Some of the arrested workers have spouses and children that are U.S. citizens and could be eligible for immigration relief because of their family ties, according to the suit.

The suit noted that a number of immigrant workers’ children have been stranded with baby sitters and other caretakers as a result of the raid.

Telephone messages left for lawyers who filed the lawsuit weren’t immediately returned.

4 Responses to “Lawsuit: Immigration Raid Violated Workers’ Rights”
  1. Eddie B.No Gravatar says:

    Pants fit better now.

  2. joNo Gravatar says:

    they let the woman with children go. why am i paying for these scambag “lawyers”?
    these people have the right to get their a$$es out of this country and never return or go to jail. period. i give them that option only because i don’t want to pay another cent on their stinking a$$e$! this whole thing is a crime against us. the employer needs to go to jail FOR LIFE! the scumbag lawyers need to be disbarred. the freaking borders must be closed. shit!, this is just pissing me off to the ninth, so enough already!

  3. MatthewNo Gravatar says:

    They are all victims one way or another aren’t they? A victim in their own country, a victim here, a victim on the job, a victim of rule and law, and now victims because they could not find a slimy attorney here in the U.S! Can you all believe that? They couldn’t find attorney’s therefor they have been wronged and treated inhumanely! Remember the last scum illegal to get a free pass while there was a court hearing? Yeah he went on to smuggle more drugs into the country, killing even more addicted Americans! Why should unemployed Americans continue to suffer just because these cock roached calculatingly planned to give birth here on American soil just so that they could seize the opportunity to become a victim when and if they were to be held accountable for their numerous federal crimes against American society.

    Why NOW make claims that they were treated unfairly by their employers? If it were such an atrocity or violation of their mexican civil rights, why not come forward before now? I think that this is the new loop hole la raza is teaching their flesh and blood. Make claims of abuse when you are confronted with your illegal activity and they will give you citizenship.

    Reach deep America, we have Lott’s and Lott’s of legal counsel we have to pay for just so that the scum can take over effectively!

  4. litew8No Gravatar says:
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