Lou Dobbs Is The Man

NY Times

Many conservatives praise him for giving a rare national platform to people who fear that illegal immigrants are taking jobs from Americans, fueling violent crime and threatening national security. Critics deride him as anti-immigrant, racist and biased, charges he fiercely denies. One Democratic congressman was so incensed that he stood up on the House floor last year to denounce Mr. Dobbs’s continuing series ‘Broken Borders’ as a ‘broken record.’

But Mr. Dobbs remains unapologetic. He says he has no interest in assuming the conventional role of the anchor who reports the news dispassionately. His mission, he says, is to tell American viewers the truth, no matter how uncomfortable or controversial.
‘There’s nothing fair and balanced about me,’ said Mr. Dobbs, tweaking his Fox News rivals’ slogan, as he settled into his office overlooking Central Park one recent afternoon. ‘Because there’s nothing fair and balanced about the truth. ‘He says, she says’ journalism is a monstrous cop-out.’

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  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Yesterday I promised to deliver vincente ‘fox’ quesada s info. beneath you will find it and I hope you will use it. Note it is censored of course, and the only Americans who post there are..uh..not easily recognisable as Americans. You have to register. His personal vanity site is under re-construction, and it redirects you to a site for — —– [fill in the blanks] anyway here you go http://www.foros.gob.mx/list.php?f=5

  2. Naui Huitzilopochtli Says:

    Soon we will take over the media .

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