15 Responses to “Must See: Testimony Of Illegal Alien Care From 1 Florida Hospital”
  1. Sandman says:

    This lady stated a few examples of outragous invader costs that are passed on to the taxpayers, and this was only one hospital…Imagine the TOTAL cost of healthcare across the country, it must be in the BILLIONS. I remember a cancer case a few years ago (in Atlanta) and the bill was over a million dollars. The invader who was treated ended up sueing the hospital and even had help from the ACLU. ( I understand he was allowed to stay in the US & collect social security) We are killing ourselves with “compassion”.

  2. litew8 says:

    The feminist liberals are killing us.

  3. Mountain Man says:

    So the family of the guatemalan who has already cost the hospital more than a million dollars is sueing the hospital for having the bottom feeding leach deported.

    If I had my way, I would round up all the family members, put some knots on the heads and boot marks on the asses of the adults for being so damn arrogant. Then deport all of them and tell them if they ever come back they will get life at hard labor in prison, “NO EXCEPTIONS”.

  4. Matthew says:

    If they ain’t leeching they’re suing. If they ain’t suing they’re leeching. If they ain’t doing either they’re stealing. If they ain’t stealing they ain’t doing any of the above, they must be back in their own country and that’s a good thing!


  5. jo says:

    the gov’t is busy limiting the rights of citizens to sue….even when great harm or death is a result of misdeeds by the medical providers or pharm corps are concerned. they label these sues as frivolous, but encourage and/or entertain the sues of the invaders in cases of obvious b*llsh*t, which is all of them as they ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE HERE, SO THEY CAN NOT BE VICTIMS OF ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS HERE. but i preach to the choir.

  6. George says:

    I have to agree with mountain man,and especialy the part about putting them in hard labor camp NO make them build the wal;l then through them over to the mexican side.

  7. BEADALONG says:

    Hmm, our government wants legal citizens to limit our rights to sue and the sky’s the limit for illegal aliens?

  8. BEADALONG says:

    I noticed on the top right, there’s the website of “Mediamattersaction.org/fearloath.”

    I saw that PAUL WALDMAN of MEDIA MATTERS with connections to the Hispanic Caucus go at it on the LOU DOBBS show & I believe Angel had the link for that one.

    Wow, was Paul Waldman awful! He also kept telling Lou Dobbs that Lou ought be more responsible.

    Hey, you’d have that from Waldman’s take on this subject, that we have the upper hand when the truth is: Almost NO MSM will cover this topic or the Wide-Open Borders (despite the War on Terr) and the NAU……Gee, one would have thought something like this would be plastered all over the front-page news or be on the beginning of each TV news program, but no, most of MSM and guys like him are so in love with these illegals & illegal aliens get gross over-representation while our voices are being silenced.

  9. BEADALONG says:

    Oops, that should be the “War on Terra.”

  10. Zorro says:

    “How to Eliminate Democracy Through Liberalism” by Ted “the swimmer” Kennedy

    We are witnessing the results of 30 years of unbridled liberal “compassion” for everyone but ourselves. This lifeboat called the United States of America is about to sink under the weight of the compassion of bleeding heart liberals trying to save the world by plucking all the dying survivors from the ocean and placing them on our lifeboat and now, they have doomed all of us to drown.

  11. Kevin says:

    Last election cycle here is Arizona we passed a law that prevents an illegal from collecting punitive damages in a law suite.

  12. momma pup says:

    What all of you don’t understand is that there is a reason our government isn’t interested in solving this problem.

    Our government wants to create one nation called the “Great North American Country”. This has been in progress since the early 1960’s and has the backing of Mexico, Canada and our Congress and Senate. The powers that be - the men with all the money- want this to happen and pull the strings on the political puppet machine.

    We voting citizens need to understand this and get rid of all congressmen and senators that have been in office more than 10 years. We need to stop the lobbiests and the money power from being in Washington. We need to limit campaign money flowing into the political machine. WE NEED TO STOP THIS GREATER NATION FROM HAPPENING or our life as we know it will CEASE to exist. We will have no constitution or bill of rights as we know them now.

  13. vette601 says:

    How is it that those with insurance are expected to leave in a certain number of days and these aliens can stay indefinitely? This is an outrage for all Americans.

  14. jo says:


    thank you, momma pup! i am personally sick and tired of people saying it is because of bleeding heart liberals in our gov’t. that only shows that they don’t have a clue as to what is really going on and who the hell is really pulling the strings to DELIBERATELY create the cesspool . when will people stop asking how, when, why the msm is not talking the truth. people need to get it once and for all that msm IS PAID TO LIE! the real hurdle is that we are just plain dishonest with our own truth. we want to believe that we are just a country full of loving, giving, naieve innocents who only know how to help people. we are the saviours of the world. NOT, while we are quick to tell others to go and straighten our their country, we lack the guts to do what needs to be done to make this country what it should be, what it claims to stand for. instead we whine as the victims when in reality we are volenteers. we still have some power left, but if we don’t use it soon we will be just as pathetic as the countries we have the audacity to look down upon.

  15. Jim_Cooney says:

    Build The Fence, Deport ‘em All !!!!!!!!


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