SAN DIEGO ? About 140 people at San Diego State University and Cuyamaca College may have been exposed to tuberculosis between late January and early May, county health officials said Monday.

The same woman exposed about 55 people at SDSU and 85 at Cuyamaca, said a spokesman for the county Health and Human Services Agency. The county said it is notifying those who may have been exposed.

County officials refused to say whether the woman was a student. (or in the country illegally)

According to the county, 82 cases of TB have been reported in the county so far this year, compared with 280 in 2007. Most people exposed to TB don’t contract the disease.

SDSU students enrolled during the spring semester who may have been exposed can get a TB test for free at Students Health Services on campus. Anyone exposed who has no medical provider of their own, or who wants more information, can contact the County TB Control Program at (619) 692-8621.

5 Responses to “Many at SDSU, Cuyamaca may have been exposed to TB”
  1. Matthew says:

    They bring unwanted disease too. Sick!

  2. jo says:

    the “broken”immigration laws demand that people migrating to this country be given a health exam and if they are ill they are not allowed. at least in the past that was part of the law.

    if any of these people have contacted TB and it is a strain that is resistence, these people will be placed on lock down ,possibly for a long time.

  3. jo says:

    what about the other diseases that we have not heard about YET?

  4. BEADALONG says:

    I think some school officials need to be held accountable for once.

    Anytime, they demand more money at an election, I vote against it. They need to clean up their acts: Eliminate illegal aliens, BIll EVERY parent of every nonEnglish-speaking student and oust all the Raza, MEChA chapters and their ilk.

    AND I also remember when it was a big deal just to move across town in San Jose to another school district and we had to show shot records and sign all kinds of papers.

    And maybe the school district should start paying for the medical bills of anybody who got sick. Maybe, that’ll sink in.

  5. Steele says:

    Here’s an article from the CDC from 1999 entitled:
    Preventing and Controlling Tuberculosis Along the U.S.-Mexico Border

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