Three headless bodies were found in the Valley of Juárez on Sunday and Monday while worries grew over a new Internet message demanding that prominent Juárez families and business leaders pay a ?quota? to a drug cartel for protection.

The validity of the message was unknown. It was posted last week supposedly by ?La Linea,? as the Juárez drug cartel is also known, on the popular video-sharing site YouTube.com, and shows scrolling text in Spanish set to a narco-corrido (folk song).

?You saw what happened to Wily Moya,? stated the message referring to the fatal shooting of a prominent nightclub owner May 18 as he left a bar he owned.

The video, posted on May 27, claims that entrepreneurs will pay protection or they will be kidnapped. ? ? With us, you do not play (or) you?ll be found without a head. From La Linea,? the video read.

If the menace is true, it would mirror a ?war tax? extorted from businesses leaders in Nuevo Laredo by the drug cartels to finance their war in recent years for that border city.

2 Responses to “Heads Roll In Juarez - Threat Follows Discovery of Decapitated Bodies”
  1. Matthew says:

    The illegals do that here in the U.S to us. They have us all by the balls, they sue if they don’t get what they want even though they are breaking the law. It is pure criminal extortion. None of them make what is called an “honest living”, it isn’t honest or legal whether they are threatening to kidnap your kids for money or invading a Country and stealing the citizens jobs and robbing them blind.

    The mexicans have always been this way obviously and nothing has changed in their culture as the entire world involves. Just look at how they are depicted in old western movies. They are conniving and back stabbing.

  2. jo says:

    so what’s new?

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