“The specifics of how this group of Chinese immigrants ended up in South Texas were not known, but the methods and smuggling routes have been evolving for more than a century. Most pay an average of $55,000 to be shuttled from China to a U.S. destination by an elaborate smuggling operation, said Peter Kwong, a sociology professor at the City University of New York Graduate Center.

If they get caught, they request asylum, and lawyers are often hired by the Chinese smugglers, who will not get full payment unless the immigrants arrive at their destination, Kwong said.”

Chinese illegal immigrants discovered in Texas border town
June 6, 2007

LA JOYA, Texas (AP) — Local police are accustomed to dealing with illegal border crossings but were astounded by the video of 15 Chinese immigrants unfolding themselves from the back of a sport-utility vehicle near this small border town.

The SUV appeared abandoned when police rolled up early on a recent Saturday morning. But when Border Patrol agents arrived and swung open the double rear doors, the Chinese immigrants tumbled out, squinting in the sunlight.

“They were in bad shape,” La Joya Police spokesman Joe Cantu said.

The immigrants were silent, able to communicate only with hand gestures. They did not try to flee. One man wanted to use Cantu’s cell phone. When Cantu asked for the number, he was handed one with a New York area code.

Two more Chinese immigrants would be picked up nearby later that day, and another group of nine was caught near the border about 50 miles (80 kilometers) away a few days later.

More than nine out of 10 illegal immigrants detained at the U.S.-Mexico border are Mexican. But for years, this easternmost sector of the border has had more than its share of what the Border Patrol calls “other than Mexicans” or OTMs, most of whom come from Central America.

But overall, the number of Chinese caught along the U.S.-Mexico border has been declining since the U.S. stopped its policy of releasing most illegal immigrants from outside Mexico until they could appear before an immigration judge………

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  1. jo says:

    But overall, the number of Chinese caught along the U.S.-Mexico border has been declining since the U.S. stopped its policy of releasing most illegal immigrants from outside Mexico until they could appear before an immigration judge???

    WTF…….you are not mexican, but are here illegally, but you are not detained, but are expected to report for a immigration hearing………..yeah right.

    why are they discriminating against the mexicans? oh how stupid of me, this story is just another fairy tale written at the request of la raza.

  2. Vincent Narodnik says:

    If’n I understands it aright<
    The Chinese are even worse off than the Messicans.
    (at least, financially) …so, what gives?
    Lets scrape off the top 10 layers and just look at a few basic (given) facts:
    Lets think about that one again:
    We all very well know, because we have all very well been told:
    Der Messikanners pay on average ~$3000.00 to get here
    (scraped together from what they have left after the ~$15.00 they make on average each day. I dont know. Let me think about that for a moment:
    Ok. Im back from my short journey beyond the Pleonasm0rama.
    I am sorry to report that I have consulted every mystic, sage, and wandering bean counter ontop of misty Mount Athos, and they all deny the probablility of someone being able to scrape up that kind of money within a 15 year period.
    That was for Messikanner. As for a virtual slave who makes maybe, what? 5 buk a day? in China? How long would that take? and when they arrive? what? to work as a busboy? they really pay $55,000.oo to come here and bus tables? When I asked the sages on the mountaintop this question, After laughing thunderously for what seemed like hours, they suddenly returned to their senses, got angry at me for asking such an insulting question and promptly threw me down the mountainside. I was told never to return.
    and I cant say as I blame them.

    What we read in the article above is simply not possible.
    while I dont have any evidence to deny the claim that they had paid $55K to get here, how they got it could NOT have been from saving rice grains at the end of the day.
    Somebody is fronting them
    and not because they have a mission to see that America has the Worlds Shinyest Plates, either.

    Best guess?
    Advance guard team.
    Waiting for the day.

  3. George says:

    Vincent,No what they do is make a down payment & they pay the rest off from their illegal job and it takes them years & years to pay it off if they ever do.And yes the chinese gov fronts the money they have over a billion people and are very happy to get rid of the [poor uneducated ones.As for the Mexicans they carry drugs over to help pay for there illegal entry.

  4. melody says:

    I guess they will all be known as “victims of human traficking”. So, how do we deport them if they are all victims? That would be cruel. Remember they are victims. They will have to work many years to pay off their debt. That makes for heart warming coming-to-America stories that will enchant the gullible U.S. citizens.

    I guess it is human nature to want to believe you are lucky. Don’t you feel lucky you could have been stuffed in a trunk and smuggled over here to be shackeled by never ending “slavery”. Sing your patriotic songs and enjoy your food stamps. hahaahaha. Remember this is America where nobody goes without food. hahahaha. Food stamps will feed you no matter what. hahahahaha.


    Why would any U.S. citizen need a job when you can live on food stamps forever? Remember U.S. citizens don’t have to work we are the choosen ones. How do I know this? Because we are blessed to be U.S. citizens by birth.

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