I have recieved a list of links from Alex Jones for all videos from the entire Bilderberg Conference: These vidoes have been loaded up to YouTube. Enjoy.


6 Responses to “Videos From the Bilderberg Conference”
  1. Angel says:

    Wow. What a list. I’ll have to check out some of them.

    But, I still don’t trust Alex Jones.

  2. jo says:


    i agree. there is something bout alex jones that doesn’t feel right to me,never has!

  3. jo says:

    Eddie B.

    can’t get links from your post.

  4. Eddie B. says:

    Jo -

    Copy the links and paste into a browser. Highlight the link and CONTROL + C.

    The formatting got stripped out so all I could copy in here was the text addresses. Sorry about the inconvenience Jo.

  5. The Watchdog says:

    Alex Jones has some useful information on Prison Planet but then he mixes in a lot of whacky conspiracy stuff as well. He makes a living with the conspiracy stuff and I guess he has found that there is always someone interested in it, so no matter how f’up it is, he’ll use it. To me Prison Planet is more like info-tainment.

  6. The Watchdog says:

    Eddie, I updated your post with a link to the video page where I believe all the videos are posted.

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