McCain Promotes Treason, 2008 Campaign

The Business Journal

Arizona Sen. John McCain has upcoming trips to Florida to tout immigration reforms and Tennessee to promote a possible presidential bid to Republican partisans.

McCain will be in Miami on Thursday and will promote a business-backed guest worker program and other immigration reforms. The Arizona senator will speak at “town hall” meeting in South Florida sponsored by the New American Opportunity Campaign. That group includes labor unions, business interests, Hispanic groups and other supporters of guest worker program.

One Response to “McCain Promotes Treason, 2008 Campaign”

  1. Phenix Montgomery Says:

    Like President Bush, Senator McCain has a deaf ear; he’s not listening to the majority of Americans, I don’t think he stands a chance for President in 2008. The illegal alien problem will be worst by then. I think that a lot of politicians will be voted , it is a crime what Politicians are doing to the American people, Americans from all parties should hold these politician responsible, some of them should be in Jail for what they are allowing to happen.

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